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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Staffing Partner in 2023

With the new year on the horizon, companies across the country are outlining their workforce strategies for 2023. The upcoming year is poised to bring along an array of challenges. Labor shortages and skill gaps are still pervasive. Additionally, ongoing inflation and a potential recession weigh heavily on businesses.

Fortunately, you can overcome your workforce management woes by connecting with a capable recruitment firm. Here’s a closer look at five reasons why you should have a staffing partner in 2023.

1. Overcoming the Ongoing Labor Shortage

While many hoped that the post-pandemic landscape would ease some recruitment challenges as professionals returned to work, that isn’t what occurred. The labor shortage carries on, and it’s coupled with ongoing skill gaps that make accessing the right talent harder.

By partnering with a staffing firm, you can access an expansive candidate pool filled with active and passive job seekers right away. Most are already vetted, allowing your recruiter to find a suitable match in less time. Plus, the staffing partner knows how to meet candidates where they are, giving you greater access to niche talent if it isn’t immediately available.

2. Shortening Time-to-Fill

Staffing firms have streamlined hiring processes designed to increase the accessibility of talent and shorten hiring timelines. By partnering with a recruitment agency, your company benefits from its efficient approach, resulting in shorter time-to-fill metrics.

3. Reducing Administrative and Recruitment Burdens

Recruiting is a cumbersome process, typically pulling hiring managers and human resources team members away from other responsibilities. The administrative burden of bringing in new hires is also high, as inputting payroll details and handling required paperwork is time-consuming.

When you have a staffing partner, you reduce your recruitment and administrative burdens. Your recruiter handles all of the candidate sourcing and initial screening, giving you more time to focus on other responsibilities. Plus, the employee can initially begin on the firm’s payroll, allowing you to bypass administrative steps entirely for short-term hires and sidestep them for potentially permanent employees until you know it’s the right fit.

4. Securing Recruitment Expertise

Staffing partners focus solely on the recruitment and hiring process. As a result, they’re incredibly skilled in candidate sourcing and screening. Plus, they focus on candidate engagement, ensuring top-quality talent is invested in your company’s openings. Finally, they’re highly knowledgeable about the current labor market, giving you access to powerful insights that can make securing new hires easier.

5. Reducing Recruitment Costs

By partnering with a staffing provider, companies traditionally see notable savings. Along with reduced direct costs associated with hiring, employers also benefit from the time savings. Hiring managers can spend more time on profit-driving activities, allowing them to secure financial gain through this avenue as well.

With the right staffing partner, you can find your perfect candidate quickly and efficiently. Along with entry- and mid-level employees, GoSource can streamline your executive search, allowing you to fill upper management vacancies faster. If you need exceptional executive candidates, GoSource wants to hear from you.

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