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GoSource has successfully provided staffing, recruiting and outsourced hiring solutions since 2013, making us uniquely positioned to provide executive search services. From offices in North and South Carolina, we serve organizations of all sizes throughout the United States and globally. Our search experts recruit for a wide range of executive positions, including plant-level roles, technical positions, and international search.

We deliver exec search services in traditional and unbundled pricing arrangements that are customized to fit your needs, including hourly unbundled services, flat fee, retained or advance against contingency and international.

Hourly (Unbundled) Services

Every veteran hiring manager knows multiple steps are involved in a successful search. If you feel confident in your progress or acumen in a particular area but could use targeted assistance in a specific area, GoSource hourly services may be the perfect solution!

Have a search in progress with an overwhelming response? We can screen your resumes and present you with the top candidates. With the most labor-intensive part of the process handled, you can focus on more urgent or strategic tasks.

That’s just one example. We can also interview candidates to narrow the field, source passive candidates, research the field to find the most in-demand individuals, help create an eye-catching job description – you name it! If it’s part of the recruiting and hiring process, we can take care of it, and the work is billed on an hourly basis.

Flat Fee

Many searches are and can be conducted for a flat contingency rate. This is an attractive option for customers already using our temporary services, as they receive a significant discount because of their current customer status. This makes the price point affordable, and they already know and trust our service level and results.

For new customers, this is a good way to begin working with us and only paying a fee when we produce the talent they are seeking.

Retained Or Advance Against Contingency

This option can follow the traditional retained model or collect an advance fee to start the search with the balance due upon completion.

International Search

GoSource’s international search company Smartech Consulting has experienced considerable success in the international arena. Smartech provides international technical/IT talent to companies in the U.S. and overseas. Most technical talent works remotely from Europe, South America, or South Africa. 

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GoSource continues to lead the market in custom search solutions tailored to each company’s requirements and budget. Contact us for more information on what we can do for you! Please fill out the form below, and we’ll follow up with you shortly to discuss your requirements. We’re looking forward to starting your search!

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