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Job Description Tips That’ll Make Candidates Lucky They Found You

In a competitive market where companies are battling for talent, ensuring your job descriptions are compelling is critical. Today’s job seekers are far more discerning, often bypassing opportunities that don’t seem intriguing enough when they first learn about them. As a result, without a strong vacancy announcement, you’ll struggle to secure the high-quality applicants you need.

Fortunately, creating job descriptions that make candidates feel lucky they’ve found them doesn’t need to be challenging. Here are some tips that can help.

Speak with Existing Employees

Talking to employees that are working in the same job you need to fill or similar positions can give you insights into the job that you didn’t have previously. Additionally, your workforce is often well aware of what your company brings to the table as an employer, as well as the most exciting parts of being a part of the company’s workforce.

By speaking with them, you can gather information about how your organization stands apart from competitors and the true nature of its employer brand. In turn, you can use that information to highlight critical aspects of the work experience that could attract right-fit candidates, leading to higher-quality applicants that are more likely to meet your company’s needs.

Discuss the Company’s Culture

As briefly mentioned above, highlighting aspects of the work experience is wise if you want to find candidates that genuinely fit your organization. Discussing your company culture increases the odds of finding strong matches. Job seekers that apply likely feel reasonably confident they can thrive in your workplace if you take the time to outline its nature, so there’s a better chance that they’ll mesh.

Plus, today’s candidates are increasingly factoring in company cultures into their job search decisions. Since that’s the case, being open and honest about what your organization offers in the way of its culture works to your advantage. It lets job seekers quickly assess whether your workplace aligns with their needs. Additionally, it prevents the need for additional research on their part, a step that could slow them down enough to cause them not to apply.

Highlight Development Opportunities

Generally, few aspects of an employer brand are as compelling as opportunities for development and advancement. Mainly, that’s because most professionals have career aspirations beyond their current or next role. When you show how the company supports growth, it’s easier for them to envision saying yes to a job offer. Plus, it demonstrates that the organization has long-term potential for their career, making the opening more enticing.

Ideally, companies should do more than simply state that development opportunities are available. Instead, showcase the nature of the different programs and highlight a clear pathway for advancement to show how employees can move up over time. Publishing internal promotion statistics that demonstrate a commitment to helping workers advance can also work in your favor if it’s a common practice, so consider including those metrics if they’re positive.

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Ultimately, by using the tips above, you can create more compelling job descriptions that attract top talent. If you’d like more hiring assistance, GoSource wants to hear from you. Contact us today.