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Attendance Matters: Here’s How You Can Encourage Good Attendance on Your Team

Ensuring good attendance is critical for any company. When a team is shorthanded, productivity typically types. Additionally, if attendance issues are pervasive, they can damage morale, harm engagement, and increase stress levels.

Fortunately, there are steps companies can take to encourage good attendance. Here are a few options that serve as solid starting points.

Create a Formal Attendance Policy

A formal attendance policy outlines the company’s expectations regarding arriving as scheduled. Additionally, it creates opportunities to outline the consequences of tardiness.

By coupling that with a formal attendance tracking system, employees are more inclined to show up on time. Along with knowing their tardiness and absences are tracked, they understand the penalties that come with a lack of reliability.

With a formal attendance policy, follow-through is essential. If employees know that the company will take action in accordance with the policy, it can encourage better attendance.

Have Attendance Bonuses

Attendance bonuses are one of the most effective strategies when you want to encourage good attendance. Whether it’s rewards for arriving to work a bit early, ensuring they can start on time, or incentives for having no tardies or unapproved absences over a specific period, attendance bonuses give employees another reason to show up as scheduled.

The nature of the rewards can vary, allowing companies to choose options that align with their budgets. For example, providing free breakfast foods that employees can enjoy before a shift increases the odds that workers will arrive early. Cash bonuses or gift cards for reliable attendance also work, as well as extra paid time off for meeting attendance requirements.

Offer Transportation Benefits

Transportation benefits can make it easier for employees to arrive to work on time, making them a viable option. Subsidizing bus or subway passes ensures workers always have access to transportation, so they’re worth considering. Providing vouchers or gift cards for vehicle maintenance services is another solid choice, as those help employees keep their cars operational. Fuel gift cards are similarly effective, as it helps employees cover their gasoline.

Having a carpool program is also worth considering. By helping employees on the same shift coordinate rides with each other, you can make commutes more affordable. Plus, it reduces wear and tear on each employee’s vehicle. Offering an incentive to carpool drivers is another option in this category, as it encourages workers to support each other.

For larger companies, getting a passenger van that can serve as a carpool vehicle is similarly a wise choice. The company can handle maintenance and fuel costs while ensuring workers always have access to a method of transportation.

Ultimately, good attendance is critical for productivity. All of the tips above can help companies encourage employees to arrive on time, offering a mix of incentives and support while ensuring expectations and consequences are clear.

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