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Struggling to Get New Candidates? Follow These Helpful Tips

Finding new candidates remains challenging for many companies, and that situation isn’t likely to change in the coming months. In-demand skillsets are in limited supply, and there is far more demand than the existing talent pool can support. Plus, candidate expectations are changing, and companies that fail to adapt won’t overcome their struggles.

Fortunately, a few simple adjustments can make a significant difference when it comes to recruiting top talent. If you’re having trouble getting new candidates, here are some helpful tips.

Connect with Students

One excellent resource for finding candidates is to connect with college students. Those who are getting close to earning their degree often begin their job searches before graduation. Plus, many who are just starting their academic journey want to gain experience prior to graduating to get their career rolling as soon as possible.

Consider creating a careers page on your website that highlights openings that are appropriate for new grads and students. Also, reach out to college career centers and attend job fairs, giving you another way to connect with students.

Use Mobile-Friendly Strategies

Job seekers are increasingly using their mobile devices to find opportunities and submit applications. As a result, if your application isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re likely missing out on talent.

Update your careers page to use a responsive design, ensuring what’s displayed adapts to the screen size of the device a job seeker is using. Limit the number of pages a candidate has to navigate, and ensure any interaction with your application is suitable for smaller form factors and touch screens.

It’s also wise to get candidates’ permission to contact them via text message. Many professionals prefer that form of communication over phone calls and emails. Plus, response times are typically shorter, which works in your favor.

Update Your Interview Process

Having a streamlined but effective interview process is essential. Spend time reviewing the questions hiring managers ask when filling various roles and refine them to keep them focused on critical skills and experience that need evaluation. Additionally, develop scoring rubrics to eliminate bias and make it easier to identify time contenders.

Keep the number of rounds of interviews to a minimum, as anything more than two is usually viewed as cumbersome if the role isn’t high-level. Additionally, offer appointments outside of work hours for candidates who are currently employed, and consider going with video interviews to increase accessibility for early interview rounds.

Partner with a Recruitment Firm

When you need to secure top talent quickly, partnering with a recruitment firm is an excellent option. You’ll gain access to a carefully curated candidate pool brimming with vetted active and passive job seekers. Plus, you’ll get insights and support from recruiters who understand the nuances of the job market and candidate expectations, making it easier to connect with top talent that genuinely meets your needs.

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