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Here’s Why You Should Be Using Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Social media has long been touted as a critical recruiting tool. While many organizations experience great success with accessing talent on these platforms, companies that haven’t made the leap may question the value of social media recruiting, at times based on inaccurate assumptions.

In reality, social media is a potent recruiting tool. Here’s a look at why you should use social media to recruit candidates.

Low-Cost Options to Expand Your Reach

One of the clearest benefits of using social media as a recruitment tool is the ability to rapidly expand your reach. Social media platforms are used by millions of people, including skilled professionals in nearly every industry. Plus, it’s a popular option for those seeking out opportunities, giving you access to a pre-existing pool of active job seekers.

Signing up for a business social media account is completely free, and you can create posts that showcase your opportunities, culture, and more without spending a dime. Plus, many of the advertising methods available are also low-cost, letting you expand your reach using targeted parameters for far less than some alternatives.

Easily Connect and Communicate with Candidates

Another benefit of social media recruiting is the ability to connect directly with candidates. The platforms inherently include tools that facilitate conversation. From comments on posts to direct messaging, you can easily speak with job seekers.

As a result, you have a chance to answer questions candidates have about your openings and hiring process directly. This removes a lot of ambiguity about what lies ahead for job seekers. Plus, it ensures candidates get accurate answers right from your company.

In turn, you can start learning about potential candidates before they even apply. How they communicate with you gives you insights into their personalities, and the questions they ask often reflect their priorities. If their profiles are public, you can also learn more about what they potentially bring to the table, allowing you to identify job seekers with potential and encourage them to apply.

Showcase Your Employer Brand and Value Proposition

While social media is an excellent tool for announcing vacancies, it also provides you with opportunities to attract talent with skills that don’t align with your current openings. By showcasing your culture and employer value proposition, you establish your employer brand in an enticing fashion. As a result, active and passive job seekers are more likely to stay engaged if they’re intrigued by what you present.

Plus, since you can highlight your culture, those that apply after visiting your social media profiles are more likely to align with it. Since candidates also prioritize culture fit, they typically won’t submit an application if they believe yours doesn’t match their needs. In turn, those who send in resumes likely feel they’re strong fits, leading to a higher candidate quality.

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Ultimately, social media recruiting is a powerful tool in your arsenal. If you’d like to learn more or want to partner with a recruitment agency to further expand your reach, GoSource wants to hear from you. Contact us today.