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How to Help Your Employees Set and Achieve Their Goals in the New Year

As the year draws to a close, goal-setting becomes a popular activity. While many people view setting goals as a personal activity, employers can take steps to help employees excel. By assisting with goal-setting, companies can work with their employees to select and support objectives, which could lead to more win-win scenarios.

Plus, manager-facilitated goals give workers critical direction about how to succeed in the workplace. As a result, engagement and productivity rise while also creating more opportunities for alignment. If you want to help your employees set and achieve their goals in the new year, here are some tips.

Know the Company’s Goals for the New Year

When you assist employees with goal-setting, aligning their targets with the company’s objectives is usually a priority. As a result, managers need a full grasp of what the organization wants to achieve in the coming year.

Managers should either engage in strategic planning for the upcoming year or ensure they’re informed of upper management’s decisions and priorities. That allows them to focus employees in the most beneficial areas, increasing the odds of everyone’s success.

Have One-on-One Meetings About Professional Goals

Having one-on-one meetings with team members lets managers learn more about what the employee hopes to achieve during their career. While managers could attempt to recommend targets that suit the company best, that approach isn’t effective if the worker doesn’t view those objectives as motivating and beneficial to them personally.

Find out what the employee is hoping to achieve, either in the next year or further down the road. Express enthusiasm for their goals, then identify company objectives that generally align with the employee’s target. That ensures everyone is excited about the prospect and that it’s a win-win scenario, leading to better results.

Use the SMART Goal Approach

Once you find potential objectives for the employee to pursue, turn them into SMART goals. The SMART goals strategy ensures that the targets are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound, making the objective well-defined.

Then, help them identify key milestones between where they are now and the goal. By doing so, you can work with them to build a functional roadmap that you both can use to put them on the path toward success.

Schedule Follow-Up Meetings

After setting the goals, schedule one-on-one follow-up meetings to gauge an employee’s progress toward their target. Along with creating opportunities to celebrate achieving milestones with them, it gives them a platform to discuss challenges or obstacles they’re encountering. Then, managers can offer assistance to eliminate roadblocks or provide other forms of support, making it easier for the employee to stay on target.

Ultimately, helping your employees set goals and assisting them as they work toward the targets is beneficial for the workers and the company alike.

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