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4 Cost-Effective Ways to Show Employee Appreciation This Holiday Season

With the holiday season approaching rapidly, many companies are looking for cost-effective ways to show their employees appreciation. By using the right approach, workers feel valued by the organization. In turn, morale often improves, leading to upticks in productivity during a time of year when it typically drops.

Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options available. Here’s a look at four cost-effective ways to show employee appreciation this holiday season.

1. Extra Paid Time Off

In many cases, providing extra paid time off during the holidays is surprisingly cost-efficient. In many industries, demand slows during the height of the holiday season. As a result, organizations can meet targets even if there are fewer employees actively working for a few days.

Plus, companies can have some control over how time is used. If it makes sense, entire teams can go home early on select days. If that isn’t viable, workers can request a specific extra day off (or half-day off) in advance, allowing managers to ensure proper coverage.

2. Flexible Schedules

If paid time off doesn’t fit into your budget, consider supporting flexible schedules during the holidays. Employee productivity can remain high by allowing employees to work earlier or later in the day in exchange for the ability to head out of the office at a different time. Plus, it offers workers a better work-life balance during what can be a busy or stressful time of year.

You can also explore compressed work weeks if you need a bit of structure. By allowing employees to work four 10-hour days instead of five 8-hour days, you can keep productivity up while giving workers an extra day off every week. You can also ensure that employees don’t all take the same extra day off, leading to better coverage.

3. Employer-Provided Lunch

A free meal is a gift that most employees will appreciate. By hosting a catered lunch, workers can have some fantastic food on the company dime without having to dedicate time outside of their work hours. Just make sure you include meal options that align with a wide array of dietary preferences, ensuring everyone can partake with ease.

If you have remote employees, you can provide gift cards for a food delivery service in their area. That allows them to enjoy a free meal even if they aren’t gathering in the workplace for a catered event.

4. Gift Cards for Holiday Meals

Since preparing holiday meals at home is often expensive, gift cards to local grocery stores can be a cost-effective way to appreciate your employees this year. Even if they don’t plan on fixing a big holiday dinner, it’s still a gift that provides value.

If you want to make this option a bit personal, survey your employees to find out where they typically shop. Alternatively, use a digital gift card service that lets the recipient choose the store for their gift card from a selection of options, allowing them to get exactly what they need.

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