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How Offering Temp Positions Can Help You Fill Crucial Gaps on Your Team

Recently, companies have been facing unprecedented hiring challenges. Many professionals have different expectations in regard to employers after COVID-19, and the post-pandemic workforce is notably smaller. Plus, summer coming to a close means losing employees who may be heading back to school.

Couple that with the upcoming holiday season and the end of the year – a period that’s often hectic for any company – and having gaps in your team can feel especially hard to shoulder. However, you may be able to overcome some of your hiring difficulties by offering temp positions. Here’s how temporary employees can help fill crucial gaps in your workforce.

Cover Unexpected or Planned Absences

When key employees are absent, productivity can dip drastically. Fortunately, you can reduce the impact by bringing on a temporary worker. The temp employees can provide your team with much-needed support.

Whether the temporary worker tackles basic tasks to allow more experienced workers to handle responsibilities that require a specific skillset or brings critical skills with them, the end result can be the same. Your permanent team isn’t overburdened by the absence, reducing stress while ensuring productivity remains high.

Augment Your Workforce for the Busy Season

Many companies have busy seasons during the fall or winter. If your team’s workload increases in the coming months (or any time of year), having temp employees on board can give your workforce a critical boost. You’ll be able to find needed skills while keeping the arrangement short-term, allowing you to scale up or down as the need arises.

Get Support While Searching for a Permanent Hire

Even if you intend to hire a permanent employee, if your search isn’t generating quick results, a temporary worker could be a great addition in the interim. Again, a temp employee can provide your team with needed support while you seek out the perfect candidate for the long-term role, ensuring no one is overtasked in the meantime.

Access Specific Skill Sets for Projects

In some cases, companies need access to specific skill sets for a project but won’t require them once the project is complete. When that occurs, a temp employee could be the ideal way to secure the needed skills just for the period they’re required. You can bring the temporary worker on board for the project only, and once the work is complete, you can release them from the assignment with no risk.

Find New Permanent Team Members

After bringing on a temporary employee, you may discover that they’re an ideal match for your team’s long-term needs. You’ll have experienced their skills firsthand and know if they mesh with your culture, allowing you to feel certain about their potential. If this occurs, you have the ability to offer your temp worker a permanent position and formally bring them onto your payroll with increased confidence, which could lead to better long-term hiring results, all while closing critical gaps.

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