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5 Reasons to Consider a Candidate with No Industry Experience

When you’re hiring, it’s normal to focus on candidates with ample industry experience. However, if you’re not considering job seekers from outside of your sector, you could be missing out on a critical opportunity. By also looking at candidates with no industry experience, you could capture some distinct benefits.

Here’s a look at five reasons to consider a candidate with no industry experience.

1. New Perspectives

When you bring in a candidate with prior experience in other industries, you’re actually inviting a new perspective into your workplace. They may spot solutions to problems that others miss since they have different kinds of expertise. Additionally, they may have a unique understanding of a customer’s need due to their work in another industry.

In turn, this can lead to more innovation. In some cases, that could make it easier to stay ahead of the competition or achieve stronger results.

2. Greater Agility

In many cases, candidates exploring opportunities in new industries understand that they’ll have to enter the role with an open mind. As a result, they may exhibit far more agility and a greater willingness to learn.

Essentially, they know they don’t understand it all, so they’re prepared to go the extra mile to gain their footing. That can work in the company’s favor, allowing them to mold their ideal candidate.

3. Fewer Bad Habits

In a similar vein, a candidate that’s new to your industry likely has fewer bad habits that will transition to the role. Their experience lies elsewhere, so many of their previous patterns won’t align with the position.

Since that’s the case, they’re effectively starting fresh when it comes to processes and procedures. You can make sure they approach things using your preferred methods, all without having to undo years of conditioning.

4. More Passionate

Professionals that shift into new industries are often pursuing their passions. Along with being more excited about the opportunity, they may have a great drive to prove themselves in the role. Additionally, passionate candidates are often internally motivated, increasing the odds that they’ll exceed expectations.

Eagerness also makes them hard-working, which works in your company’s favor. Plus, they’re often the first to seize learning opportunities, as they’re enticed by the chance to grow and advance.

5. Company Positioning

When you hire candidates with no industry experience, you actually have an opportunity to position your company as an employer of choice. It shows that you’re willing to train and support job seekers with potential. That demonstrates your willingness to invest in your workforce and ensure their development, both of which can set you apart from the competition.

Plus, this hiring strategy has a positive impact on your culture. Along with creating a culture based on learning, you’re demonstrating a willingness to give enthusiastic candidates a chance. Again, this can position you as an employer of choice, making it easier to hit your recruitment and retention goals moving forward.

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