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Recruiting Gen Z for Your Warehouse Roles

Labor shortages continue to plague industrial companies. Couple that with the fact that younger generations often have doubts about the viability of careers in warehousing, and finding high-quality candidates is increasingly difficult.

For companies looking to overcome recruitment woes, knowing how to attract Gen Z candidates specifically is essential. Here’s a look at best practices designed to make recruiting Gen Z for your warehouse roles as simple as possible.

Highlight Opportunities to Grow, Develop, and Advance

When Gen Z candidates consider employers, they often focus on those that offer growth opportunities. By highlighting progression opportunities – including outlining advancement paths and training options that allow them to move forward – you speak to that need.

Additionally, Gen Z prefers workplaces that offer long-term stability. If the average employee tenure is high and you can demonstrate that those workers have advanced during their time with the organization, covering those points in the job ad can be highly effective at attracting Gen Z candidates.

Showcase a Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion in Job Ads

Gen Z values diversity and inclusion to a higher degree than any other generation. As a result, they favor companies that are committed to those points.

In your job ads, highlight any diversity and inclusion measures that showcase that aspect of your company culture. Additionally, use gender-neutral phrasing and avoid culturally insensitive terms like “guru” or “ninja.” By doing so, the company comes across as a welcoming environment, which can resonate with Gen Z.

Offer Competitive Salaries and Comprehensive Benefits Packages

Today’s candidates have different expectations regarding pay and benefits. For example, the pandemic highlighted the growing need for medical coverage, and retirement plans are viewed as increasingly important for long-term financial stability. Additionally, since there’s a labor shortage, candidates know that finding higher pay rates is increasingly easy, particularly if they have in-demand skills and experience.

While not listing salary ranges was commonplace in years past, it isn’t an ideal approach today. Instead, disclose that information in the job ad, ensuring that candidates see you’re offering a competitive rate based on the responsibilities. Further, discuss benefits and perks that provide value, including access to medical coverage, retirement plans, paid time off, and more.

Prioritize Open, Transparent, Personalized Communication

Candidate engagement is increasingly crucial in the current landscape. By prioritizing open, transparent, and personalized communication throughout the hiring process, you’ll have an easier time keeping top candidates interested in moving forward.

Ideally, you want to be clear about your hiring process, including the steps involved and the timeline. Additionally, forgo bland automated responses for personalized, direct communication, as that shows your company values them as candidates.

It’s also wise to use communication methods that Gen Z favors. While email can be effective, don’t overlook alternatives like text messaging and various messengers for candidates that may prefer those approaches. By doing so, you can keep engagement high.

Partner with a Leading Staffing Firm

When you need to recruit candidates for open warehouse positions, partnering with a staffing firm is a straightforward way to boost your recruitment power and increase reach. Additionally, recruitment agencies are adept at managing candidate engagement, ensuring you can maintain access to top talent and secure the employees you need.

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