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6 Ways to Proactively Combat Candidate Ghosting

Few things are as frustrating for companies as getting ghosted by candidates. With the issue becoming increasingly prevalent, finding a viable solution to the challenge becomes more critical by the day. Fortunately, there are approaches that can help. Here are six ways to proactively combat candidate ghosting.

1. Have a Clear Hiring Timeline

In some cases, candidates aren’t planning to ghost employers; it simply happens once they assume they aren’t getting the job. Often, that occurs when the hiring timeline either isn’t clear or isn’t well-communicated. By having a formal estimate in place and keeping candidates informed about how the hiring process will unfold, you make this situation far less likely.

2. Personalize All Communication

Keeping candidates engaged is a critical part of the equation if you want to prevent ghosting. Since impersonal, automated messages can harm the candidate experience, leading to disengagement, it’s wise to personalize communications whenever possible. By doing so, you forge a relationship with the job seeker, reducing the odds that they’ll suddenly disappear.

3. Provide Regular Updates

As the hiring process progresses, providing candidates with updates boosts engagement. Along with creating opportunities for connection, it makes them feel well-informed, valued, and respected, all of which work in the employer’s favor.

Similarly, letting a candidate officially know if they are no longer in contention can actually prevent ghosting down the line. It shows job seekers that you won’t leave them hanging, boosting your employer brand and bolstering your reputation.

4. Have a Strong Employer Value Proposition

When you need to fill a position, the tendency is to focus on the company’s needs. While outlining the job requirements is essential, you also need to show candidates what your organization brings to the table.

With a strong employer value proposition, job seekers know what they have to gain if they remain engaged. As a result, they may be more patient and understanding, even if your hiring process ends up slightly delayed.

5. Streamline Your Hiring Process

When it comes to candidate frustrations, long, drawn-out hiring processes are common complaints. Round after round of interviews, multi-hour skills tests, and long delays between each step make your hiring process seem like too much work. As a result, some candidates will simply stop responding.

Ideally, you want to make your hiring process as streamlined as possible. Have as many steps as possible occur simultaneously, limit the number of interview rounds, keep skills tests short, and make submitting an application as easy as possible. That way, more job seekers stick with it.

6. Start Onboarding Before Day One

After extending an offer and having a candidate accept, begin the onboarding process immediately. Provide initial information like the employee handbook, parking passes, and work schedules as soon as possible. Additionally, send over any paperwork they’ll need to complete. That keeps them engaged during the period before they start. Plus, it’ll make their first day on the job more efficient, as many of the tedious steps are handled in advance.

Learn How We Can Help

Ultimately, the six options above are great ways to proactively combat candidate ghosting. If you’d like to learn more about how you can boost candidate engagement, the staff at GoSource wants to hear from you. Contact us today.