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Can I Use LinkedIn to Find Qualified Candidates?

When you’re looking for qualified candidates, using every potential resource is a must. Since LinkedIn is the quintessential social media platform for professionals, that makes it a wise place to turn.

Ultimately, it is possible to use LinkedIn to connect with top talent. If you’re wondering how you can use LinkedIn to find qualified candidates, here are some tips.

How to Use LinkedIn to Find Qualified Candidates

Use Keywords from the Job Description

Just as candidates use keywords to find opportunities, employers can take advantage of keywords to connect with job seekers. Using the included search features and keywords related to the desired skill set and experience, you can find professionals who have the capabilities you’re after. Just make sure to refine the search parameters carefully, ensuring you focus on the right kind of candidates for your needs.

It’s also important to note that hashtags are part of the LinkedIn experience. As a result, you can use hashtags to search for candidates, too. Just be aware that this approach isn’t always as refined, but it’s worth considering if you’re struggling to find strong matches.

Take Advantage of “Open to New Opportunities”

Professionals on LinkedIn have the option of listing themselves as “open to new opportunities.” Along with being common among active job seekers, many passive candidates enable that setting to connect with recruiters and hiring managers.

The benefit of using that as a search parameter is the professionals you find are often welcoming contact. As a result, it’s fine to reach out even if you don’t have a shared connection to make an introduction.

Update Your Company Page to Attract Job Seekers

While actively searching for candidates on LinkedIn is wise, it’s also smart to embrace passive approaches. By updating your company page to attract and entice job seekers, the right candidate might come to you.

Make sure your company page is keyword-rich while remaining concise. Additionally, use it to showcase your culture and employer value proposition, giving job seekers insights into what your organization brings to the table.

If you can, gather up some employee testimonials, too. That helps showcase why employees enjoy working for you as well, which can be a great way to set your company apart from competitors.

Get Involved in LinkedIn Groups to Connect

LinkedIn Groups allow people with shared professional interests to gather. By joining groups that align with your industry or the role you need to fill, you may be able to connect with potential candidates.

Just make sure that you’re not overly aggressive in any group conversations and read any group rules, as some may bar certain recruitment activities. Focus on providing value to the conversations instead, allowing your company to be viewed as a resource, making it easier to garner attention for the right reasons.

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