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4 Reasons to Choose a Local Staffing Agency

Top staffing agencies attract talent from all over the country. So, why choose the local option when you can have access to thousands more applicants? If you are interested in having a more individualized and intimate experience with your staffing company, as well as staying within a regional area or location, you should consider a regional-based or even local staffing firm. Here’s why.

1. Reduced Costs

When you work with a local staffing agency, you will reduce your overall hiring costs. They will streamline your processes and make everything go faster, decreasing time-to-hire and the cost to your business. Generally speaking, smaller local agencies will be cheaper than a larger organizations.

2. Get Faster Results

Because the agency is in your area, the recruiters will have a better understanding of the local market, your industry, etc. This will help them find candidates that fit your needs more quickly. If you are trying to fill a critical position in your company, this can be important. You also won’t have to steal away from your full-time staff to find a new hire. The staffing agency will do all the work for you.

3. Receive a Specialized Plan

A local staffing agency knows the local community and your people. They’ve been in the area, working with businesses and job seekers for years, so they know their client base well. They have built long-lasting relationships and can match candidates to companies more easily because of that.

A larger company may have recruiters who are far more experienced in recruiting and matching candidates, but they aren’t as familiar with the local area or what employers need. This makes it harder for them to find the right match and receive the specialized help they need.

A local staffing agency has an understanding of your needs as an employer because they are part of your community too! They understand many of the challenges you face as a business owner or hiring manager because they’re on the ground with you. A good local staffing agency will have some insight into how to help solve these problems for your company.

4. Reinvesting Into Your Community

By making the conscious decision to choose a local staffing firm, you are reinvesting your money back into your local community. This will help you build relationships in the area and also help your community grow.  You will start becoming more well-known as a quality employer and attract top talent in the area by doing this too.

GoSource Can Help You Grow!

There are huge benefits to working with your local staffing agency. If you want undivided attention, special job planning, and intelligent workforce management a local staffing firm is the way to go! Employers in the Gastonia, NC and Fort Mill, SC areas should consider partnering with an agency like GoSource.

Our recruiting staff has decades of experience helping employers and candidates in the community find the perfect fit for their professional needs. Contact us to learn more about our staffing services and how we can help your local business find the talent you’re looking for.