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How to Reduce Burnout Within Your Company

Employee burnout is a huge problem for companies. It can lead to a decrease in productivity and morale. Ultimately, it can hurt the business’s bottom line. Signs of burnout include lower productivity, emotional and physical exhaustion, lack of concentration, negativity, and a decline in health. It’s important to recognize these symptoms now more than ever because employees are at risk of leaving their jobs at an unprecedented rate. Here are four ways to avoid burnout in the workplace.

Promote Well-Being in the Workplace

Establish that your employee’s well-being is important and that you are willing to support them in what they need. Given this knowledge, managers can help employees cope better with stress by learning to anticipate it in the first place. If a manager sees someone is potentially suffering from burnout he or she should consider making changes to their workload or adjusting their expectations.

While taking time off or recovering physically might help your employee deal with the symptoms of burnout when they occur, it doesn’t solve the problem entirely. Have your leadership team focus on understanding and addressing the root causes of burnout at work. This will help reduce burnout within your company.

Encourage Breaks

Taking a break is crucial to your well-being, and it’s an important way to keep burnout at bay. Not only will you be more productive if you step away from work every now and then, but taking a break will also help maintain a positive outlook. It can also increase productivity and creativity. Employees pushing themselves too far at work will not only be unproductive but can lead to significant amounts of stress. Prioritize the mental health of your employees by encouraging them to take regular breaks.

Build Social Connections

As human beings, we are wired to be social. We need each other for support. This is true for many reasons: supportive relationships relate to huge factors that impact stress, health, well-being, and engagement.

Each week, challenge your employees to schedule a time to connect with a friend, family member, or colleague. Schedule weekly team lunches or go on a walking meeting. You could even plan a team-building activity or happy hour to celebrate your employees!

Provide Them With Purpose

When we’re working toward something that’s important to us, it can help us stay motivated to do more. While your company goals are important, goals are specific and finite. Providing them with a deeper purpose behind their work will help them get excited about what they do every day. Managers should also pay attention to employees who are interested in progressing in their careers. Look for opportunities for them to learn and grow. Doing this can help provide them with a purpose in the organization, reduce burnout, and improve productivity.

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