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10 Signs of Employee Burnout

Burnout is a problem faced by employees in organizations of all sizes. In any sized business, it can be hard to spot early warning signs of burnout. This means it can pose a risk to the productivity of your organization. In order to protect your employees and your business, here are some telltale signs of burnout in your workforce.

1. Exhaustion

One big sign of employee burnout that you should be on the lookout for with your staff members is exhaustion. Oftentimes, when employees start to feel overwhelmed by their job or overworked, they will appear to be tired all the time. This may be because they are losing sleep over their work or even taking work home to meet deadlines. Employers should listen to staff members complaining about not getting enough sleep or being groggy. This can be an early sign of burnout and a clue that they may need a break.

2. Decreased Productivity

Burnt out employees aren’t as productive, period. If you notice a significant decrease in an employee’s work quality or productivity in general, they could be suffering from burnout. Have a talk with them and see if there is anything you can do to support their work. Sometimes they may simply have too much on their plate.

3. Irritability

People who are feeling burnt out can also become irritable with those around them. This is because they are generally overwhelmed, but it can also be because they feel unimportant or less efficient on the job. When employees are irritable, it is more likely to cause conflict in the workplace. Consider whether or not you can solve the issues by offering your employees more space for self-care and maintaining their mental health.

4. Sensitive to Feedback

In addition to being irritable, it is also common for burnt-out employees to start being sensitive to feedback on the job. This is because they are already stressed out about their performance or some other aspect of their position. If you feel they are being sensitive to feedback, ask to discuss why to get an idea of how you can support them.

5. Mistakes

Another key sign of employee burnout is frequent mistakes. Even some of your top employees may start having small slip-ups because they are feeling overworked or underappreciated. If you notice an increase in mistakes in an employee’s work, approach them and see if there is anything you can do to better support them.

6. Cynicism

Burnt out employees often become cynical about their jobs too. Oftentimes, they don’t feel like the leadership team has looked out for them, so they no longer trust their team. They are cynical about the work culture, their jobs, and the team around them. You can improve this by being more transparent. Transparency will help improve engagement and decrease burnout.

7. Sickness

People are more susceptible to getting sick if they are stressed out and tired, in general. Burnout can actually cause a suppressed immune reaction to the common colds and other sicknesses. If one of your employees starts falling ill regularly, it could be due to burnout. Other health issues may ensue too, like stomach problems and high blood pressure. In the most serious cases, burnout can lead to heart attack and stroke. Keep an eye on any employees who are calling out sick a lot. This may be due to burnout.

8. Depression

In the workplace, depression often comes off as a lack of confidence. They may even seem to be withdrawn or obsess over deadlines. General signs of fatigue can also signal employee burnout. As an employer, you might notice a less passion for their work. Make sure your employees have a safe space where they can discuss emotions, burnout, and other issues.

9. Trouble Concentrating

All of the above can have an impact on your ability to concentrate, which is another key sign of employee burnout. If an employee is having a hard time staying plugged in during meetings or not getting tasks done on time, consider scheduling a meeting. This can be a sign of early burnout.

10. Lack of Engagement

Last, but not least, employees who are burnt out start to disengage. If you notice a decline in any of your employees, try to support whatever needs they may have.

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