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The Rise of Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic has been taking a toll on people’s mental health. You may have noticed it in your colleagues and loved ones as well. Since the beginning of the pandemic, some companies have been more intentional about checking in with employees about how they’re feeling and offering resources for anyone struggling with mental health issues. This is great news for all of us because it means that we can receive better care and all companies will benefit from having happy employees.

Why Mental Health Matters

Why does this matter? Well, hiring new employees is expensive, so companies want to do everything they can to hold onto their existing talent. If an employee feels like their company doesn’t support them during tough times like these, they may be inclined to look elsewhere for work.

More Companies Are Taking Steps Towards Change

The pandemic forced companies to change the way they interact with staff. Most companies weren’t taking care of their employees properly before the pandemic hit, so it is a positive change for most employees.

While some have taken steps toward culture change, many have yet to make any significant improvements. Mental health benefits and flexible working are now commonplace. However, there is still plenty more that can be done to improve the lives of employees.

Cultivating an environment of psychological safety is crucial. Organizations should train their leaders, managers, and employees on how to navigate mental health at work. Sometimes this may mean you have to have difficult conversations, but it will help you create more supportive workplaces.

Train more supervisors to notice changes in their direct reports and help them navigate the workplace. Mental health policies, practices, culturally competent benefits, and other resources must be put in place and communicated. Use social media to create a company culture that leads to honest conversations about mental health.

Employers Benefit From Supporting Mental Health at Work

It’s now becoming clear that companies who support employee mental health are more likely to benefit. Employees who feel supported by their employer in terms of their mental health are more likely to be productive than those who didn’t. They are also more likely to stay with the company and be loyal long-term staff members.

You Play a Key Role in the Well-Being of Your Staff

With the world facing an unprecedented mental health crisis due to the pandemic, employees around the world are struggling with their mental health. Even though there are many things out of our control right now, it’s important to focus on what we can control.

As an employer, you can focus on supporting your employees’ mental health and you can play a vital role in supporting employees’ well-being. It is critical that you provide resources and take steps to improve employee well-being so they can feel empowered and supported while working from home. Supporting them in this way creates more productive, more loyal employees overall.

Increase Productivity While Decreasing Stress

Companies are thinking about mental health as an integral part of their business strategy. Your employees’ stress levels outside of work play a key part in their productivity and efficiency on the job. By addressing their mental health issues, employers can create more sustainable ways of working that can help increase morale and reduce stress.

Adopt New Policies to Support Employee Mental Health

Employees typically associate office culture with long hours of work, stress, burnout, etc., but this often leads to lower productivity levels. Instead of focusing on increasing employee engagement through traditional means (e.g., incentives), companies should consider adopting new practices and policies that promote a healthy work-life balance. This may include things like flexible working hours, remote work capabilities, reduced workloads, clear expectations, better benefits packages, etc.

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