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GoSource: Your Permanent Placement Partner

Finding the right employees for your company is a key part of its success. At the same time, the cost of a bad hire can sink the business. Seeking candidates for executive positions can be even more challenging. Ideally, these individuals will be permanent fixtures in your organization. Partnering with an agency like GoSource can help employers discover the talent they need to drive their company forward. Here you should partner with us for your permanent placement needs and more.

Reduce the Potential Cost of a Bad Hire

Searching for an executive-level or permanent placement candidate is costly. You have to spend time looking for the right person, spending manpower. In some cases, higher-level candidates require monetary bonuses, relocation costs, and other initial benefits as well. The agency will help you negotiate these details as well as ensure the candidate is a good fit before you start paying a salary.

Save Time During the Hiring Process

Filling higher-level positions and permanent jobs generally take a lot of time. The whole process is more efficient when you utilize the help of a staffing firm like GoSource. We can filter through resumes more efficiently and pinpoint candidates who meet your needs. Once we have narrowed the group of potential candidates down, you will be able to meet with them after receiving a profile from your recruiter. Everything prior to the interview process is taken care of by our team.

Conduct National and International Searches

Sometimes the best person for the role isn’t in the neighborhood or even the country. Using an agency like GoSource that has international search capability widens your talent pool significantly. Not only will you find someone with the skills and experience needed for the job, but they will be a cultural fit too. You are sure to find the best person for the permanent position with your company by using our services.

Get to Know Each Candidate

Our staffing professionals will take the time to truly get to know the candidate before forwarding them to you. Sometimes, it is easy to brush an applicant off because they don’t meet your exact needs on paper. The team of recruiters will put together a profile that gives you a full 360-degree view of each candidate before you meet them. We will provide helpful notes that will provide you with talking points during the interview and points of value for the candidate.

Our Specialty is Placing Leaders

The team at GoSource is made up of a number of professionals in various industries. One of our specialties is being able to successfully place leaders, directors, and C-suite execs. We know what it takes for a candidate to integrate into a company culture well. GoSource also knows what it takes to be a great leader and a reliable team member. All of this gives us what we need to be a beneficial partner to your organization.

Get in Touch with Our Team Today

With the right staffing agency on your side, you can reduce the time to hire and find the best employees around. Get to know how GoSource can assist you with your hiring needs firsthand. Learn more about our recruitment services and how we can help your company find its next permanent placement.