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What Questions Should I Ask in My Employee Surveys?

Employee engagement is a crucial part of the success of a company. Without engaged staff members, progress often stalls, and goals aren’t met. Here are a few key questions you should ask in your employee surveys to gauge how they’re feeling about work.

How Engaging is Your Work?

Asking this question can help you gauge how each individual employee is feeling about his/her work. It is transparent. You are asking about how they perceive their engagement. Most of the time, people who aren’t engaged will be honest about it. This can help you discover ways to reengage or otherwise address any problems.

Would You Recommend Working Here?

Employee referrals are some of the strongest candidates you’ll receive. That said, asking whether or not your staff would recommend someone else work with you can tell you a lot.

Is Your Job in Line With Your Career Goals?

Inquire about your employee’s long-term career goals. Their longevity within the business and overall engagement will rely on whether or not their position is contributing to their career aspirations.

Do You Have Everything You Need to Do Your Job?

Oftentimes, employee engagement and motivation suffer because of a lack of equipment or resources. The information you get from employees by asking this question can help you identify things your business needs to improve productivity.

Do You Have the Information You Need to Do Your Job?

Again, this engagement will suffer when your staff feels they aren’t equipped to do the job. Inquiring about this can also help you decide if additional training is needed and where.

When the Company Makes Changes, Do You Understand Why?

Company changes can impact employee engagement and motivation, especially if they are communicated poorly. Asking this question in a survey will help you discover shortcomings in the way you communicate changes.

Are Your Contributions Recognized?

Employees want to be recognized. Not providing the proper recognition will hurt employee morale in a big way.

Does Your Position Offer You the Flexibility You Need?

Work-life balance is a huge factor when it comes to employee engagement. People want to work for companies that support their overall well-being. That includes providing flexibility in their position to meet their personal needs.

Is Your Manager Providing You With Meaningful Feedback?

Consistent feedback is another driving factor behind engagement. Employees want feedback about their performance and they want to receive it from someone who can help guide them. Without this, many staff members will check out mentally.

Do the Leaders in the Company Demonstrate Integrity?

Ask questions about your leadership in employee surveys. You want to gauge whether or not your staff feels they can trust their leadership team. If they aren’t acting with integrity, it can lead the rest of the staff to feel disengaged and even disappointed in the company.

Do You Know How You Fit Into the Company’s Future Plans?

Employees need to know how they fit into the company’s overall vision to be motivated and engaged. They also need to be able to see how their long-term career goals align with the company’s success.

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