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The Importance of Employee Surveys in a Post-COVID World

Employee surveys can make a huge difference in the way you interact with your staff. In a post-COVID world, it may be the only way to get direct feedback. They can help you gain important insight into your employees and their needs. Most important of all, they can help you get back on track once you return to the office. Here are a few ways employee surveys can help your company in a post-COVID world.

Gauge Feelings About Returning

First and foremost, employee surveys are being used frequently by companies to gauge how workers feel about returning to the office. Many employees transitioned to remote or hybrid work models during the pandemic. For the most part, people don’t want to return to working in-person, not full-time anyway. Conducting a survey can allow you to get a feel for how your staff is feeling. Once you receive their responses, you can come up with a work model and policies that work for your employees.

Receive Suggestions on Workplace Safety

Regular employee surveys offer space to make recommendations to improve the workplace. As people return to the workplace, employees may have different ideas about workplace safety. You will need to add mask rules, vaccine requirements, and other details to your company policy. On top of making suggestions about how you can protect your workforce during COVID, employees may be able to open up your eyes to other issues. There may be safety problems you weren’t aware of.

Get to Know Your Employees’ Preferences

Conducting a survey can allow you to learn more about your employees’ preferences. You can ask what kind of work model they prefer. Some workers will prefer to work remotely. Others will be okay with a hybrid work model. You may even be surprised to find out some of your employees want to work in-person full-time. These aren’t the only preferences you can gauge either. Ask about benefits they would like to see added, work hours, and other aspects of their jobs.

Check-In With Your Staff

Surveys are a great way to conduct a quick check-in with your employees. You can take a look at the data quickly and get a lot of information about the status of your workers. For instance, if you send out a survey asking for everyone to rate how their current projects are going, you can pinpoint where problems are. Similarly, it prevents you from micromanaging your staff when everything is going well.

Know What Processes Are Working

Last but not least, implementing employee surveys will let you know what is and isn’t working in your company. You can learn what processes and policies your employees appreciate as well as the things that hinder their work. Having knowledge of these things will help you come up with attainable goals and plans to meet them.

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