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How to Navigate the National Labor Shortage

The national labor shortage is affecting almost every industry in the United States. Employers in the light industrial and manufacturing industries are feeling extra pressure because of increased demand. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to improve your recruiting efforts to better navigate the labor shortage.

Communicate Well With Candidates

One of the biggest reasons candidates don’t take a new job or aren’t interested in an employer is due to lack of communication. If you are actively searching for candidates to fill positions immediately, let them know.

Similarly, if you are taking your time with the search and looking to fill a position within a couple of months, tell the candidate. They need to feel like you respect their time. Communicating well will do that. It will also help improve your employer brand, increasing the number of quality candidates you receive.

Review Your Work Policies

There have been a lot of changes to the way people do business with each other. So, it is probably time to review your work policies. Do you have any employees working remotely? Is there flexibility allowed in employee scheduling? All of these things have a place in your business’s work policies.

Make sure the policies you set are serving your employees well too. Again, this helps to improve your employer brand and makes you more attractive to new talent. It will help with retention too, which is important in today’s talent market.

Compare Your Offerings to the Industry

Consider what other employers in the industry are offering their staff in terms of wages and benefits. You want to be sure you are offering similar salaries and comparable benefits. If you aren’t, there needs to be something that sets you apart from other employers in the industry. For example, some employers might offer three-day weekends. Others provide two weeks of paid time off after a year.

Whatever the case may be, benefits and salary ranges are huge selling points for candidates. You will attract better candidates and retain top talent by offering something competitive.

Provide Development Opportunities

Employers are facing skills gaps as well. One way they can address this labor shortage is by providing internal promotion and development opportunities. Your staff can continue their education, expand training and knowledge, and improve their skills. All of this benefits your organization while simultaneously improving their career outlook.

This helps candidates and current employees see that you value them as professionals. It also helps improve morale and motivation. Candidates and staff members can see a path for growth for themselves.

Address Immediate Needs

You may find that you need to address an immediate hiring need. To do this, you can utilize contract workers or part-time help. This looks different than many employers’ traditional hiring processes. However, to navigate the shortage, you may need to adjust your approach to hiring altogether. So, adjusting the definition of “employee” for your business may be the answer.

Work With GoSource for Your Staffing Needs

Staffing agencies are a great resource for employers during labor shortages. GoSource has an already-established talent pool with top candidates in the light industrial and manufacturing industries. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your company navigate the labor shortage and continue to meet your goals.