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Don’t Count on Luck: Work with GoSource for Your Next Direct Hire

When it comes to hiring top talent, you don’t want to count on luck. You need professionals to help you with your staffing needs. Instead of relying on a traditional “headhunter,” you should consider employing the help of a staffing firm. Utilizing the services of an agency like GoSource can put you in a better position to find your next direct hire.

Access to Industry Experts

One of the biggest reasons to work with GoSource is that you get access to industry experts. Our team has decades worth of combined experience that lends us a hand in finding the perfect new hire for your organization. After getting to know your business, we can provide sound advice for staffing your company in a way that facilitates growth and keeps up with industry trends.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

GoSource can help you streamline your hiring process. We help with everything from recruiting to interviewing and checking references to onboarding. Utilizing one team to perform each of these hiring tasks makes the entire process more cohesive. It also makes things go a bit faster because communication is straightforward and managed by our team. Streamlining your process like this can help you get access to better candidates because they are less likely to get caught up in the hiring process.

Our Network Has What You Need

We are in the business of networking. Chances are, our talent pool has the candidate you are looking for. Again, this speeds up the hiring process significantly. For lesser-known employers, this can also be beneficial. Candidates won’t always know about your company, its brand, or its mission. Tapping into our talent pool will help you expand your network while simultaneously finding the new direct hire you need.

Improve Your Retention Rates

Making a direct-hire means that person will be with your business for some time. Using a staffing agency will help improve your chances of your new hire staying for a while. This is because we make sure the candidates we send you check all the boxes. They have the skills you are looking for, relevant experience, and they will be a good cultural fit. Our team will ensure they are looking for a long-term commitment and that your company has the development opportunities they need. Overall, you will have higher-performing, loyal employees.

Finding Top-Quality Candidates is Our Priority

Let’s face it, as a business owner, it is difficult to focus on finding a new full-time employee. You are likely working on multiple projects, picking up the slack when needed, and managing your team. Adding a candidate search to that is challenging. With so many other things on your plate, the chances of you being able to dedicate the time needed to finding a great candidate are slim. For us, finding top-quality candidates is our number one priority. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

Direct Hires and Beyond, Let Us Help You

The professionals at GoSource are eager to help your business with its staffing needs. Whether your organization is looking for full-time direct hires or part-time contract workers, we can put you in touch with the talent you need. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist your company.