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4 Tips to Help You Find the Right Staffing Agency for You

As a business owner, having the right staff on your side is important. Many companies enlist the services of staffing agencies to help find quality candidates who will be a good fit for the position. More than that, an agency can help you find employees that are a good fit for your company culture and long-term goals. However, you need to be sure you partner with the right staffing agency. Here are a few tips to help you find the right agency for your business.

1. Take a Minute to Evaluate Your Needs

Chances are, if you are looking for a staffing agency, you have a few immediate hiring needs. You want to address those but think beyond the short-term as well. If you plan to expand your business in the future, you will want to have a relationship with the agency to find new talent.

Similarly, if your business has the need for contract workers to work on projects, you will need to make note of that. The right staffing agency will offer the services you need and be accessible to you at all times. This helps ensure you will fill open roles as quickly as possible.

2. Get to Know the Agency’s Background

Just like you would interview a new employee, you want to interview your staffing agency too. Ask about how long the agency has worked with its clients and job seekers in the area. Get to know what they specialize in and how the agency has performed over the years.

An agency that doesn’t have many clients or any experience will have a hard time helping your business achieve its goals. You want recruiters who know the industry and everything they need to attract top talent to your company.

3. Assess the Recruitment Process

Every agency’s process looks different. Ask about the recruitment process and how they identify a candidate as a good fit. You should also ask about the assessments and processes they use to vet candidates.

You want to work with a staffing agency that has a recruitment process that has been proven to work within your industry. With a good process in place, the right agency will be able to put you in touch with talent in your industry quickly. Everything about the process should be smooth and organized.

4. Request Referrals From Their Clients

Treat your conversation with the staffing agency like an interview. Ask the agency for a few client references for you to contact. These can be current or past clients who the agency has served. A good staffing agency will have no problem providing you with a list of client referrals.

Reach out to the client contacts they provide and inquire about what it is like to work with them. You should also get a feel for the success rate of the employees placed through the agency. All of this will give you the information you need to help you find the right staffing agency for you.

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