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Talent Pipelines 104: How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Create an Internal Talent Pipeline

Having an internal talent pipeline can be a valuable resource when you need to make immediate changes to your staff. However, creating a pipeline that will benefit your business takes a lot of time, commitment, and effort. Professional staffing agencies can help you create and maintain an internal talent pipeline. Here are some ways a staffing agency can help.

Get Access to New Talent

When you work with a staffing agency, you will access new talent pools. Most companies are using online job boards to recruit talent. While that is a great way to source candidates with minimal effort, you aren’t really building a pipeline. Whatever job board site you are using will quickly produce a list of loosely qualified candidates, but it doesn’t factor in other aspects of the hiring process.

Choosing to work with a staffing agency like GoSource would get you access to new, exclusive talent pools. Many of the candidates you’ll encounter won’t necessarily be found on the open job market. Recruiters can also offer you other non-traditional strategies for recruiting talent.

Connect With Diverse and Qualified Candidates

Agencies will also put you in touch with more diverse candidates. Lack of diversity is one of the biggest reasons companies choose to work with a staffing agency. They can provide an approach to recruiting and hiring that promotes diversity and equity while removing any bias in the process. After having a conversation with a candidate, they can provide the employer with a full 360 profile of the individual. This allows the employer to make decisions about candidates based on the facts and nothing else.

Reduce the Time-to-Hire

Overall, you’ll spend less time on the recruiting and hiring process without sacrificing the quality of the candidate you receive. A staffing agency like GoSource will help you every step of the way. After discussing your company’s goals and hiring needs, we will come up with a plan to recruit the best candidates for your organization. Because they already have an established talent network, they will be able to identify candidates that may be a good fit for your company fast. It will reduce the time-to-hire while simultaneously decreasing your staff’s workload in terms of recruiting.

Prepare Your Organization for the Future

Because staffing agencies specialize in specific areas, they can give you advice based on industry trends and fact-based industry knowledge. When you take the time and money to invest in creating an internal talent pipeline, it allows you to meet your long-term staffing needs. No matter what direction your business grows, you will be able to tap into your pipeline and have access to the candidates you need.

GoSource Can Help With Your Talent Pipeline

Staffing agencies like GoSource will continue to expand your talent pipeline as the industry changes. So, when a new piece of technology is introduced, they get to know candidates who are educated about the new tech. Once your company adopts the technology, they’ll know exactly who to connect you with to help. Learn more about GoSource and how we can help you build a successful internal talent pipeline.