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Talent Pipelines 102: How Can I Create an Internal Talent Pipeline?

Creating an internal talent pipeline can be a life-saver for companies, especially in the current market. An internal pipeline will help you get to know the talent in the industry as well as gain information about how you can be more competitive. Beyond that, forming an internal talent pipeline will help you ensure each employee you bring on board is a good cultural fit for the organization as a whole. Below are a few tips to help you successfully create an internal talent pipeline.

Assess the Necessity

Not every organization needs an internal talent pipeline. If you will only be filling two or three positions and don’t need to do any recruiting for growth, you don’t likely need an internal pipeline. Creating a talent pipeline takes a lot of time and effort. So, be sure you are constructing your network at the right time. You don’t want to gather motivated people in the industry and have nothing for them to do.

Listen to Your Managers

Your managers are a crucial part of constructing a successful talent pipeline. Be sure to get their input every step of the way. Spend some time getting to know what their teams need and what kind of talent would be useful in their departments. This will give you an idea of what each manager sees as valuable, which will help you identify ideal candidates. At the same time, listen to the concerns they have about the process as well. They have feet on the ground and may be aware of issues that you are not.

Make the Adoption of the Internal Talent Pipeline Easy

If adopting the pipeline process is difficult, managers will be less likely to get on board. Make the adoption process as easy as possible because your managers will likely have a significant hand in constructing the perfect pipeline. Have a clear process for what you’ll do to create the pipeline. Have assessments ready to go and inform managers of their roles in the process. Leaving them to figure things out for themselves will likely stall the process.

Find Motivation for People in the Pipeline

What’s in it for the people who are in your internal pipeline? Once you’ve identified people who would be a good fit for your organization you need to have something to do with them. You can train them, provide courses, networking opportunities, mentorship, etc. Discover what is important to the talent in your pipeline and do what you can to provide it. If you can’t provide them with anything, there is no reason for them to stick around. You also shouldn’t make promises that you can’t deliver on. All of this will tarnish your reputation as an employer, hurt your pipeline, and your brand in the industry as a whole.

Our Recruiters Are Here to Help

Thankfully, you don’t have to construct or maintain a talent pipeline on your own. Let one of the recruiters at GoSource help you establish an internal talent pipeline. Contact us to learn more about how our team of professionals can assist you.