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Talent Pipelines 101: Why Do I Need to Build a Talent Pipeline?

In today’s talent market, it is always a good idea to have a pipeline for new candidates to come through. No matter what, you’ll always have a reliable group of candidates to tap into when you need them. It can help you scale up, adjust to industry changes, and more. Not only that, but it can have a positive impact on the way your business runs overall.

What is a Talent Pipeline?

Talent pipelining refers to building relationships with passive job seekers (talent) for future opportunities. To do this, you need to fully understand the talent landscape and industry. You get to know candidates in the industry, even if they aren’t actively looking for new work. Think of it as proactive recruiting. You will make connections with people with who you’d like to work in the future.

Creating a talent pipeline is time-consuming but worth the results you’ll receive. Here are several reasons you need to build a talent pipeline.

Open Flow of Quality Candidates

As you make more connections and build relationships with candidates, they will be more comfortable with you. When colleagues or other professional friends are looking for work, they will be confident in recommending their contacts to you. You will also gain access to even more top talent this way because your talent pipeline will be a trusted source of referrals.

Receive Regular Consultation

Creating a successful talent pipeline takes a lot of time, commitment, and attention. Utilizing a recruiter to help you build a talent pipeline will help you receive a consultation that will provide you with knowledge on industry trends and what you can do to remain competitive. This will help you make changes to attract higher-quality candidates.

Shortened Time-to-Fill

Another reason you need to build a talent pipeline is that it will help you shorten the time to fill positions. So, when you have an immediate need to fill a position, you will already have access to people who you’ve identified as ideal for the job. You have also gotten to know them and know what it will take for them to move jobs or take this position. Constructing a talent pipeline will allow you to make strategic hiring decisions.

Good Cultural Fit

When you spend time getting to know people in the industry, you can determine whether they’d be a good cultural fit for your organization or not before they come in for an interview. Instead of relying on their ability to interview well to gauge how they’d fit into your company, you can rely on your information. You’ll already have a good grasp of their personality, how they work with others, and what their interests are.

GoSource Can Help You Build a Talent Pipeline

If you want a pipeline of qualified candidates, GoSource can help you. Our team of recruiting professionals will listen to your organization’s goals and needs. Then, using the information you can provide us, we will find a perfect match for the position you’re looking to fill. Learn more about our services and how we can help your business.