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Here’s How Automation & AI Will Impact the Manufacturing Industry in 2022

The manufacturing industry has changed in a multitude of ways over the last few years. A global pandemic made it necessary for manufacturers to automate more of their processes. Artificial intelligence took over a new, more prominent role in the industry as a whole. Next year won’t be any different. Here are some of the AI and automation trends you can expect to see in 2022.

More Customization

Artificial intelligence and automation technology will make customization more attainable for smaller manufacturers. Technology will enable manufacturers to virtually construct a product and test it before it even hits the line. This will save many manufacturers money in missed up products. At the same time, customization will open up more opportunities for increased revenue.

Smart Manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing systems won’t allow for subtle adjustments. In some instances, this had led to disaster. New smart manufacturing technology can help monitor conditions on the line to ensure everything leaving the manufacturer is up to par. Smart systems can monitor temperature, material, and the overall process. If it detects something is wrong, it can make changes to correct it or stop the process altogether, awaiting human intervention. Limiting the amount of time spent fixing machines and adjusting them will help increase productivity in your warehouse.

Improved Sourcing

Better sourcing will improve supply chain networks. Costs are increasing just about everywhere and supply chains have seen their fair share of challenges over the last year. Artificial intelligence, unfortunately, won’t be able to get rid of these supply chain issues altogether. However, AI can analyze shipping patterns and the expense of raw materials. This can help manufacturers know the best time to order certain materials and how long it will take to complete orders. Improved sourcing can help optimize workflow and limit waste, saving the manufacturer money.

Better Security

Improved AI and automation will also lead to better security systems in the manufacturing space. Cybersecurity is becoming a necessary concern for folks in the manufacturing industry due to the growing amount of technology being used on the job. Artificial intelligence algorithms can help sort through data and prevent hackers from infiltrating the system. In some cases, the AI will be able to fix any issues before they even happen. AI can help you keep your staff secure on the warehouse floor too. Facial recognition programs will help ensure everyone is where they should be. Systems can also monitor for injury, fire, and other problems on the floor.

Robots in the Workplace

There will be more robotics used in the manufacturing industry in 2022. Workers don’t need to be concerned about being replaced though. In fact, many of these robots are designed to work alongside humans to optimize our already-existing processes. They will be seen in the workplace more and more in the future.

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