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Top OSHA Violations to Avoid in North Carolina

As winter approaches, there are a number of compliance issues companies need to be aware of. In North Carolina, OSHA conducts regular checks in the workplace. Below are some of the top violations you want to avoid if you are working or own a business in North Carolina.

Fall Protection

One of the biggest OSHA violations to avoid in North Carolina is neglecting to have proper fall protection on a worksite. Falling is one of the most common workplace accidents and can lead to serious injury. Employers must have measures in place to prevent employees from falling on the job. You should pay special attention to elevated workspaces and platforms. The proper railings and fall protection should be in place. Holes should also be guarded with rails or netting and marked off.

Machine Guarding

When working in a warehouse setting or similar workspace, there is often moving machinery. Proper guarding is needed to ensure the safety of employees. Moving parts can potentially hurt staff without machine guarding, causing crushed fingers, amputations, and other serious injuries. To be in compliance with OSHA regulations, employers must make sure moving parts are safeguarded.

Eye and Face Protection

Among the top OSHA violations to avoid in North Carolina is neglecting to wear the proper eye and face protection. Hundred of workplace injuries each year could have been prevented if the proper face protection was worn. Employers have to provide eye and face protection for employees where there may be hazardous materials or irritants.

Proper Control of Hazardous Energy

Another huge OSHA violation involves hazardous energy, which refers to energy sources such as electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, etc., that power machines in the workplace. While employees are servicing machines, the release of stored energy can cause it to start up, potentially causing serious injury to the employee providing maintenance. To mitigate this risk, employers must ensure all staff members are aware of proper lockout and tagging procedures. Notices should also be posted around the workplace as a reminder.


Scaffolding is used in various jobs throughout North Carolina, and it can be dangerous if it isn’t used correctly. There are fatalities every year due to the improper use of scaffolding in the workplace. Most of these could have been avoided if the employer had adhered to OSHA regulations.


Millions of workers are required by OSHA to wear respirators at work in the United States. However, many employers do not enforce the rule, but it is an easy violation to avoid. Make sure your staff has access to the proper respiratory devices they need to protect them from prolonged exposure to particulates and other gases.

Post Warnings

Last but not least, employers need to be sure they communicate hazards with their staff in an effective manner. Warnings about workplace hazards should be posted. Policy and procedure reminders should also be posted. Having potential dangerous materials and areas on the job labeled is required to be in compliance with OSHA.

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