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Should You Upskill Your Employees?

The talent shortage has had many employers looking internally for the help they need rather than posting jobs online. In some cases, upskilling and reskilling staff members is more beneficial than recruiting someone entirely new to the organization. It can help your company save time and money, reduce turnover, among other benefits. Here are four of the best reasons to upskill your employees.

Improves Retention

Employee retention is key to increasing productivity and reducing hiring costs. Upskilling your staff will help your employees see that you value them and are willing to invest in their development. These days, this is a key deciding factor for many employees. People don’t want to work for an employer that won’t invest in their professional development. It shows you care about their futures beyond what they can do for your company.

Boosts Employee Morale

Showing that you care will definitely help boost morale on the job because your staff will feel seen and valued. Your employees will be happier at work when there are development opportunities available too. Overall, they will have a more positive outlook on their future with the company and the future of their careers. This is because they know they have something they can be working towards, providing them with a deeper sense of purpose surrounding their work.

Customer Satisfaction

When your staff has the skills necessary to get the job done, your customers will be happier. They will perform their work better and be up to date on the latest industry trends, allowing them to be able to provide insight into consumer needs. They will be willing to pay more to work with a proactive, engaged team. Your employees will believe in their work, leading them to do the best job possible, creating the best product possible for your customers. In short, when your staff is happy, your customer base will be too.

Attracts Quality Candidates

Providing upskilling and other career development opportunities can help you attract quality candidates to your company. This is because your current staff will feel fulfilled in their work and will become strong brand advocates for you as an employer. You will be seen as an organization that invests in its staff and truly cares about their careers. They will be more likely to recommend you as an employer to friends, family, and colleagues. Because they know what you are looking for in an ideal worker, the referrals that come from your current employees can be the best.

GoSource is Here to Help

If you need to address a skill gap on your staff, working with a staffing agency like GoSource can help. Our professional recruiters can review your current staff to see if you have someone who can be upskilled or promoted. Once we have gotten to know your staff, we can make hiring suggestions. It is possible your needs can be addressed by hiring internally or bringing on a contract employee on a project-by-project basis. Contact us to see how we can help your organization.