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8 Signs You Could Be Managing Your Team More Effectively

Being an effective manager is crucial to the way the business runs. You have to be able to oversee tasks, communicate well, and solve problems. If your team is struggling, you may want to reflect on ways you can improve. Here are signs that you could be managing your team more effectively.

1. Too Many Hands

If you are effectively managing your team, most tasks will be handled by a single person. This prevents there from being too many hands on a single task, muddying up the processes. When you realize multiple people are handling a single task, reassess your project management and task assignments. There’s probably room for improvement.

2. Communication is Lacking

Managers have to communicate with their teams. If you aren’t touching base with your team on a regular basis, they won’t likely be engaged. Retention rates will suffer, and the company likely won’t reach its goals. Reach out, communicate, and be consistent.

3. There is Too Much Communication

At the same time, too much communication isn’t a good thing either. Over communicating can lead to your staff becoming uninterested. They start to ignore notifications because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of communication they are receiving. Most of the time, it isn’t necessary. Only share the most important information in an appropriate time frame. Too much information may cause them to check out.

4. You Aren’t Sure Where Your Projects Are

As a manager, you should be aware of the status of each of the ongoing projects. If you take a moment and can’t pinpoint exactly where your progress stands, there is a problem. You may want to consider establishing project management systems that help you keep track of different moving parts of the plan. Whatever way you find is best, create some way to follow ongoing projects.

5. Not Meeting Goals

Because you aren’t sure about the status of your projects, you likely won’t be meeting goals. If your team isn’t meeting goals regularly, take a moment to assess yourself as a manager. What can you do to better support your team and help them reach goals?

6. Workflow is Off

If you are properly managing your team, the most challenging tasks will be tackled first. Once that is done, it makes it easier to tackle the smaller tasks. It also shows your team knows how to prioritize important tasks. If they aren’t doing this, think about how you can better guide their workflow.

7. Staff Has Tunnel Vision

A team that is effectively managed will be able to consider multiple solutions to problems. You want to nourish their problem-solving skills and give them the tools they need to make decisions. Without proper guidance, there is room for conflict and lost productivity.

8. No Feedback is Being Given

Good managers are constantly giving and receiving feedback to fine-tune their processes. You want to create a space where your team members feel comfortable coming forward with problems and ideas. It creates a trusting relationship between you and your staff.

We Can Help Your Team

Having an effective management team is important. It helps ensure your projects are being completed on time and goals are being met. The professionals at GoSource can help you piece together an unstoppable management team. Learn more about our services and how we can assist you.