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Lessons from COVID: Here’s Why You Need Innovative Staffing Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic taught many of us valuable lessons, especially when it comes to staffing your business. Many companies found they were not prepared when it came to supplementing their staffing needs. At the same time, their human resources departments were not necessarily equipped to deal with the demand.

That being said, staffing agencies can provide a great solution for whatever needs you may have. Not only can they assist you in finding the right employees for the job, but they will also keep you up to date on the most innovative staffing trends. Here are some reasons you might consider innovative staffing solutions.

Reduced Costs

Hiring a staffing agency will help you reduce your overhead on hiring new talent. While there is a cost to working with a staffing firm, you will spend far less than you would performing the search on your own. First, you’ll save time, which will help keep production on track. Your HR department can focus on internal processes and keeping the show on the road. You can focus on large internal projects, and there is less lost productivity overall.

Avoid Bad Hires

Beyond that, working with a staffing firm will also help you reduce the risk of a bad hire, which can cost your organization serious cash. A bad hire can cost your company up to a year’s salary for the position you hired for. It will also hurt employee morale and cost you some productivity as well. Who can afford that in the post-COVID economy?

You can “try before you buy” a new employee by bringing them on as a contract worker before hiring them full-time. This will give you both an idea of whether you will like working with each other or not.

Faster Time to Hire

On top of helping you save money, an agency will help you find the help you need in a shorter amount of time as well. Recruiters at the agency are already plugged into candidates in your industry. Once they meet with you and discuss what you are looking for, they can go straight to their already-curated talent pool. They choose a few candidates that fit your needs and send them your way, sometimes in less than 24 hours.

Address Your Specific Needs

Not to mention, working with a staffing firm will help you address your specific needs. Every firm works with you personally to identify what staffing solutions would best work for you. For instance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers have found a  need for temporary or contract employees to fill in gaps on their staff or assist with projects.

GoSource is More Than Just Staffing

Many agencies also offer services beyond recruiting and placement too. If you need help with onboarding, training, and even payroll services, a staffing firm may be able to assist you. Working with a staffing agency like GoSource can help you address any staffing needs you may have. We can assist you in identifying a hiring plan that will work for your organization and find you candidates that meet what you’re looking for. Contact us to learn more.