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How to Keep Up Your Employee’s Productivity During the Holiday Season

The holidays are a busy time for manufacturers. So, productivity is extremely important. It is common for employees to lose focus during this time of year because it is a busy time for everyone. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to encourage your employees to maintain their productivity during the holiday season.

Create a Fun Atmosphere

Around the holidays, it can be fun to decorate your workspace. In a manufacturing setting, many employers decorate office space and break rooms. This can help motivate workers because they will be happier in the workplace, which helps improve overall productivity. Remember to try to keep your decor inclusive, so no one on your team feels left out.

Organize an Outing or Event

Consider treating your staff to an outing of some sort. Buy them lunch, go to an amusement park or museum. Plan a holiday party or dinner for them. These things will give them a small break from the job and make them feel appreciated. It can also help your team bond as a group. All of this can help increase productivity during the holiday season.

Offer Flexible Hours

Many employees are looking for flexible work schedules when it comes to seeking a place to work. During the holiday season, offering your staff flexible hours can help improve productivity. Most people are less productive during this time because they are thinking about their to-do lists at work and at home. Allowing more flexibility in their schedules will give them a better work-life balance, which improves their focus on the job.

Give Them a Bonus

Monetary bonuses are generally a good way to improve your employee’s productivity during the holiday season. Obviously, giving them a bonus lets them know they are valued to an extent. You might also consider personalized gifts or a handwritten note around the holidays as well. These things can really boost your team’s morale and increase productivity during the busy season.

Recognize Your Staff

You should find other ways to recognize your staff during the holidays outside of giving your employees a bonus. Give daily or weekly awards to people doing a good job. This helps encourage some friendly competition amongst your staff while improving everyone’s productivity.

Allow Remote Work

Where it is possible, allow employees to work from home for one or more days a week. Again, this provides them with a better work-life balance and, during the holiday season, that can be hard to achieve. Many people have found that being allowed to work from home has allowed them to attend to matters at home and work more efficiently. Consider offering your employees an extra day or half-day off in positions where remote work isn’t possible. This will allow them to attend to their personal business and come back to work focused.

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