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10 Interview Questions to Ask All Manufacturing Employees

A career in manufacturing isn’t for everyone. As an employer, you want to be sure you are hiring a new employee that is truly interested in working for your company. They should be goal and detail-oriented in their work. It is good for them to thrive in a fast-paced environment as well. So, you need to screen candidates well to be sure they will be a good fit. Below are 10 interview questions employers and hiring managers should ask all manufacturing employees.

1. Why do you want to work in this area?

Knowing why someone is interested in working in your area of manufacturing is a good way to get to know what motivates them. Maybe they are interested in the product you make and like being part of its creation. Other individuals will be more driven by the opportunity to grow in a manufacturing career. Consider what you want in your employees and look for that in each candidates’ answer.

2. What is your experience in manufacturing?

You always want to get a feel for what type of experience each interviewee has in the industry. Someone with decades of experience won’t likely enjoy working in an entry-level position. Similarly, a candidate with little experience won’t thrive in more senior positions in the company.

3. What did you enjoy most about your last position?

This gives the candidate a moment to tell you what they truly enjoy about the work they do. If their previous position was a job in manufacturing, you can learn more about what drives them to pursue a career in this industry. Having this knowledge can help you provide development opportunities and provide things that they are interested in.

4. What manufacturing software have you worked with?

Like the question about their experience, this question will tell you exactly what skills they bring to the table. If you use certain software in your warehouse, you may want to screen for individuals who have experience with it. This can help cut down on training time.

5. Have you had any training or certification?

Speaking of training time, certain training and certifications can be a great asset to your team. Forklift certifications or machine operating certifications can provide them with additional knowledge and skills to effectively perform their job.

6. Describe a time where you stepped in to help without being asked to on the job.

In manufacturing, teamwork is important. Stepping up to help without being asked to do so is a sign that they will be a good member of the team.

7. If your workload suddenly increased, how would you handle it?

The workload in manufacturing can fluctuate often. Knowing how they handle an increase in work is key to gauging whether or not they’ll succeed in the industry. If they seem put off by this question, the job may not be for them.

8. Can you explain the importance of the quality management system?

Another huge part of manufacturing is quality control. An ideal candidate will be able to explain the importance of maintaining quality and being able to monitor it.

9. What would you do if safety equipment was lost or damaged on the line?

You want your staff to be safe and proactive on the job. If something is broken or missing when they go to work on the line, they should alert their supervisor to the issue and wait for instructions. This will help prevent injuries or accidents in the workplace.

10. Describe a time where you solved a problem on the job.

Last but not least, this question gives you an idea of how they solve problems. Problem-solving is a good skill to have, no matter what manufacturing position they are seeking. They can help you identify potential problems and solutions with your processes, production, and other key business matters.

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