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4 Light Industrial Staffing Strategies for Today’s Economy

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things about hiring in the light industrial setting and many other sectors. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the problems your industry is facing in staffing today, there are some things you can do to get the top talent you are looking for. These are some light industrial staffing strategies for today’s economy that will help you get the employees you need on your team.  

1. Consider Temporary-to-Hire Workers  

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people recognized there can be a lot of changes in the industrial setting. For this reason, many companies as choosing to ramp up staffing at a slower pace to ensure they don’t have to perform massive layoffs again. If you are concerned about this, one strategy you may employ is looking for temporary or temporary-to-hire workers to fill your staff.  

Bringing on temporary employees can help you fill gaps that may be short-term or assist you with specific project needs. Temp-to-hire workers can help you reduce turnover and ensure you are hiring the best employee for the job. It gives you some time to work with them and see if they meet the needs for the position at hand. Staffing agencies like GoSource can help you find temporary or temp-to-hire placements.  

2. Implement Safety Programs  

Another great strategy for staffing in today’s economy is to have detailed safety programs. Employees want to know that the company they are working for cares about their safety in the workplace. On top of making your employees feel safe on the job, it also reduces the risk of injury on the job.  

Accidents can lead to lower morale and lost productivity, so being proactive with safety measures can really help your bottom line. Prioritizing safety will also create a positive employer brand for your organization. This will make it easier to attract new talent will a position opens up.  

3. Certify Your Staff 

Employees in the light industrial workspace also like to work for an employer who is willing to invest in their career. Consider how you can invest time and money into your staff’s future in the industry. Work with them to get them certified in certain areas that will help them excel, and possibly even climb the ladder, within your organization.  

You may also want to ask your team about what areas they would like to become certified in. Giving them some input in the process will help them feel more valued. In the long run, this will give you a better reputation as an employer and make staffing your company easier.  

4. Work With a Staffing Agency 

Working with a staffing agency like GoSource is another great way to get top talent on your team. We can assist you in implementing the points listed above and beyond. On top of being connected with talent in the light industrial sector, we can also help you address other business needs, such as payrolling and training.  

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