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How to Talk About the COVID Vaccines with Your Employees

If you are considering requiring vaccinations for your employees, there are a few things you need to do for your business to prepare. You will need to communicate with your staff well and educate them in a way that does not take a stance one way or the other. Below are some ways you can educate your employees on the vaccine and help them determine if they want to get it.  

Talk With Them About the Facts  

It is easy to let emotions get in the way when discussing the COVID vaccine. The shots have become an area of hot debate over the past year. Try to approach any discussions with your employees without bias when it comes to getting vaccinated. Just provide them with the facts and information about what the requirements within your organization will be.   

The amount of conflicting information surrounding the vaccine is alarming, so be sure you are offering solid facts. Only use information from vetted sources, such as the CDC and FDA. You should also encourage your staff to speak with their own physicians about getting the vaccine. They can help further address any concerns they may have.   

Give It Time 

The COVID vaccine has only been available for a few months at this point, so it isn’t fair to assume everyone has had time to speak to their doctors, etc. During this time, continue sending out informative data about the vaccine and be sympathetic to your employees’ concerns. You should also take time to discuss any issues surrounding the refusal of getting the vaccine within your organization.  

Recognize Exceptions  

There are some exceptions to mandatory vaccinations that you will need to recognize as an employer. For instance, some of your employees may be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which may make them exempt from having to get the vaccine due to health reasons. Other employees may be exempt from vaccination requirements for religious reasons. As a company, you need to decide how you are going to make accommodations for these individuals and what steps will be taken to ensure they are respected during the process.    

Company Executives Should Discuss Business Ramifications  

Lastly, your company execs need to have a meaningful discussion about the potential business ramifications of requiring the vaccine. Your employees will want to know whether or not the vaccine is required to continue working there, but you should take more than just that into consideration.   

Will your company be paying for the vaccine? Many employees will want a required vaccine like this covered by the company. You should consider the ramifications of requiring it and covering the cost. Will employees who refuse the vaccine be fired, or can they transition to working from home? If so, how will you communicate this? If employees get sick or suffer side effects, will the company offer paid leave to recover? All of these things are something for executives to thoroughly discuss before announcing the requirement.   

GoSource Can Help You Navigate the New Normal

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