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How to Make 3rd Shift More Enjoyable for Your Employees

The third shift is a difficult shift to hire for. Beyond that, it can be difficult for employers to keep their third shift workers happy. Oftentimes, third shift workers aren’t as productive as your staff during the rest of the day because they aren’t as motivated during that time of day. Here are a few things you can do to motivate your third shift workers and make their jobs more enjoyable.   

Add Incentives    

One great way to motivate your employees, no matter what shift they work on, is to add incentives to the workplace. In many cases, these incentives take the form of performance bonuses when production numbers are met. If you aren’t able to offer monetary bonuses, consider what you can offer.   

For instance, some employers offer their staff an optional paid day off at the end of the week if their production goals are met. You can also provide a paid meal or hold an event to show your appreciation for your employees once you exceed your production goals. All of these things provide motivation for your staff. Best of all, it makes that overnight shift a little more enjoyable when they are working towards these incentives.   

Know Who Actually Wants to Be There  

Sometimes, the third shift is the only option for certain employees on your staff. They may not have necessarily chosen to work overnight, but something personal or professional makes it inevitable. For example, if their spouse holds a first-shift job, they may need to take care of their kids during the day, forcing them to work third. Other individuals may be waiting on your third shift crew for something to open up during the day shift.   

The key for you, as an employer, is to know who actually wants to be on the third shift and who is wanting to work their way to days. Think about what you can do to transition them to the first shift as soon as possible. Chances are, having them on your overnight team is hindering productivity if they don’t want to be there. The more people you have on that shift that actually want to be there, the better.   

Make Them Feel Part of a Team  

It can be hard for your third shift staff to feel connected with the rest of the company. Because much of your key staff, such as HR and accounting, only work a nine-to-five schedule, they can feel separated. You need to take extra steps to make them feel like they are part of a team.   

There are ways you can build a sense of community among the non-traditional shifts. First, you need to be sure you are communicating everything the same way you do with the first shift. Also, be sure that you aren’t just celebrating with your first shift employees if you hit a key metric or goal. Include second and third shift staff members as well.   

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