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Ensuring Hiring Success Starts with Onboarding: 3 Ways to Get it Right

The cost of a bad hire can be crippling for a business. It can cost an organization up to a year’s salary for the given position. For this reason, employers need to ensure they are providing a good experience for new hires. You can ensure hiring success by examining your onboarding process. Below are some great tips that will help set a new hire up for success.   

Emphasize Learning Over Doing  

Many employers are quick to throw tasks at new hires on their first day. While giving them some tasks can be good, they still have a lot to learn about the way your organization does business. Even if your new employee is an experienced professional, they are not used to the way you do things yet. So, it is a good idea to emphasize learning over doing, especially during the first few days.   

You can help accelerate their learning in the workplace by focusing on three main areas: technical, cultural, and political learning. Technical learning involves getting to know the technology, systems, and products you work with on a daily basis. Cultural learning in the workplace will give them information about behavioral norms and values your company places importance on. Lastly, political learning will help them understand how decisions are made within the organization and whose support they will need in the workplace.  

Make Them Feel Part of the Team

Another key part of ensuring success for your new hires is to make them feel like they are part of the team. After all, they are the newest addition to it! The sooner they are able to create effective working relationships with other people on the staff, the better.  

To ensure this happens for your new hire, be sure all of your existing staff knows the incoming employee’s role and what impact they will have on the company as a whole. You should also make an effort to introduce them to their managers as soon as possible. All of this will help increase productivity and performance for your new hire.  

Help Them Achieve Early Wins 

Early wins for new employees can be key to motivating them to continue doing a good job. Help them achieve some early wins by setting them up for success. You can help them achieve these wins by keeping them focused on essential tasks. Then, point them to some ways that will help them make progress on these goals.   

Setting them up for these wins will help build confidence and credibility in the workplace with their peers. Beyond that, you will be coaching them for success that will extend past their first few days and weeks on the job. They will have an idea of how to prioritize work and the best way to approach each task because you took the time and effort to help them achieve these early wins.  

Working with a staffing agency like GoSource can help you manage new hires from recruiting to onboarding. Our team of professionals can assist you every step of the way.