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6 Simple Ways to Make a Good First Impression on Candidates

During the recruiting and interview process, many employers are trying to find ways to attract quality candidates. To do this, you need to have a solid recruiting and onboarding strategy. Beyond that, there are other ways you can make a good impression and create an employer brand people what to work with. Here are a few easy things you can do to make a good first impression on candidates.  

Clearly Define Requirements  

One of the biggest things that can turn a candidate off is unclear requirements and expectations. No one wants to work for a company that doesn’t know what they want. Not to mention, not being clear on the requirements can also lengthen the entire recruiting process.   

So, you need to be sure that you clearly define any qualifications and requirements for the position you are looking to fill. You should also detail any responsibilities and room for advancement. These things will help you attract the best of the best.  

Create the Right Setting   

You want to put some thought into the office setting you are displaying when a candidate comes in for an interview. Their first impression of you will be what they see in the office when they arrive. Make sure the receptionist or any front desk personnel you have are aware of upcoming interviews.   

Equip them with information like the name of the candidate coming in, the positions they applied for, the time of the interview, the point of contact for the interview, and any other arrangements that need to be made. This will display that you have good communication in the workplace.   


Be Prepared for Interviews   

Beyond just creating the right setting, you must be prepared for the interview itself. When you are unorganized or simply not prepared, it sends a bad message to the candidate. In fact, many job seekers have said a bad interview experience can alter their interest in a company.  

To be well-prepared, you should have questions ready to go and be sure they are relevant to the job they are interviewing for. Many applicants assume that generic or irrelevant questions simply mean the interviewer was not prepared. Be sure you have reviewed their resume closely and inquire about their experience and how it will help them with the job they are interviewing for now.  

Communicate and Provide Feedback  

Communication is key during the hiring process. Let them know what the next steps are, give them a timeline if you can, and be clear with where they stand. Lack of clarity during the interview process can help build a bad impression of you as an employer.    

You should also make an effort to provide your candidates with feedback. If the candidate is in the running, be clear with what you liked about them and give them an idea of when they will hear from you. Even if you are not considering them as an employee, you should provide some feedback as to why. This open communication helps build a positive impression of your organization.  

Be Real  

If a candidate inflates their accomplishments to seem like a better fit, it can be disappointing. As an employer, inflating your first impression does the same thing. Be real in the impression you are making. Of course, highlight some of the business’ accomplishments, but paint a picture of what it is like to actually work for you.   

Consider Outsourcing the Process  

Utilizing the help of a staffing agency can help you make a good impression on candidates as well. Staffing firms can help you with each of the points above by completely handling the recruiting and hiring process themselves. They provide a cohesive background check, communicate with candidates throughout the process, and decide whether or not they are a good fit. Outsourcing these things can help your company stay organized in the process and really make a good impression on incoming candidates. Plus, you can rest assured knowing staffing professionals are working to find you the best quality applicants.   

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