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How to Make Your Warehouse Culture Focused Around Safety

Your warehouse culture should be focused on the safety and well-being of your employees. Doing this will improve the workplace’s safety and help your employees truly feel valued working with the company. Here is how light industrial companies can make safety part of the core of their warehouse culture.   

Make Safety a Priority in Training  

When you begin training new employees or brushing up on training for veteran employees, make safety a priority. Go over the various safety procedures and rules. You should detail exactly why these protocols are put in place and how they help keep everyone on the job safe. Emphasize that their safety is what is most important to you as an employer. Placing importance on this will help them feel valued and solidify safety as an integral part of your warehouse culture.   

Communicate What Safety Means to the Team   

Communication is key when it comes to establishing safety as a part of your company culture. You should have regular talks with your team about safety. Hold regular meetings or send out notices reminding your team of safety procedures and why they are important. This may also include posting notices throughout the workplace about safety measures and equipment safety. These reminders can help make safety part of your company culture and ensure your team is always paying attention to safety procedures.   

Be Engaged in the Safety Culture  

Managers and higher-ups need to be engaged in the safety culture as well. This will help reinforce that it is an important part of the company and its success. When your employees see you following safety procedures, it helps emphasize their importance in the workplace. Beyond that, when they see someone who they look up to for guidance in the warehouse actively participating in safety measures, it will help urge them to do the same.   

Have Updated, High-Quality Machinery    

Another part of making safety part of your company culture is having updated, high-quality machinery. If your team is forced to work with outdated and possibly even unsafe equipment, it does not show them that their safety is a priority. Warehouses where old equipment is being used often have more incidents in the workplace. Although the machines may still work, they are not always up to today’s safety standards. Taking the time to invest in updated machinery can show your team that safety is a number one concern for you as an employer.   

Find Ways to Motivate Your Team   

You can use workplace safety programs to motivate your team to be more aware of protocols. These programs can help encourage your team to pay closer attention and remain safe in the warehouse. You may also consider sending out recognition for maintaining a safe workplace. For instance, some warehouses will post how long they have maintained a safe work environment by posting how long it has been since there has been an incident in the workplace. This can help motivate your team to continue pushing safety procedures and paying attention. You may also consider offering rewards to certain departments for a job well done. These things can all help motivate your team to be safe on the job.   

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