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Strategies for Securing Top Talent in Manufacturing  

Finding solid candidates to add to your staff can be a challenge. There are certain things you can do to ensure you are getting the best talent on your team. Below are different strategies manufacturing managers can implement in order to attract and retain top talent.  

Create Clear Job Descriptions  

Everything starts with the listing you post advertising the open position with your company. Include things like expectations within the position, necessary certifications, and any specialized equipment they may be using. You should also take time to describe the company culture and the environment they will be working in.   

Identify Desirable Traits 

Think about what you are looking for in the ideal candidate. Use this information to recruit individuals who possess these skills or characteristics. This saves you from sifting through applications of individuals who may not have any of the traits you are looking for.    

Be Willing to Train Promising Candidates 

Sometimes a good candidate may come up but is lacking all of the skills necessary for the job. Consider offer apprenticeships and on-the-job training for individuals who have an interest in learning but not all of the experience needed for the job at hand. While there may be other fully qualified candidates, these individuals will be able to learn exactly how your company wants things done. That in itself is valuable.   

Partner With Colleges in the Community 

Many manufacturers partner with community colleges and other local schools. You can work with them to appear at job fairs and even post jobs through their career centers. Colleges may also work with manufacturers to implement certain learning programs so that graduates have the exact skills they are searching for.   

Provide Continuous Training 

Offer your staff continued training long after they start working with you, especially where safety is concerned. Workplace safety is a big deal in manufacturing, so be sure your entire team is up-to-date on their knowledge of the policies. Additionally, providing continuous training will help your team feel engaged and be more productive.   

Establish Knowledge Transfer Programs  

There are many employees who retire in manufacturing and have worked in the industry for most, if not all, of their careers. Consider establishing a knowledge transfer program where these older team members can relay valuable information to younger people on the staff. On top of that, working with older members of the staff can help younger individuals learn more about the industry as a whole.   

Work With a Staffing Agency  

Last but not least, another sure-fire way to secure top talent in manufacturing is by partnering with a staffing agency. Working with a staffing agency can help you implement all of the strategies above. They can also connect with potential candidates and gauge whether or not they will be a good fit for your company. Agencies typically specialize in certain industries, so they will already be familiar with your company’s needs.   

GoSource is one such agency that may be able to assist your organization in securing top talent in manufacturing. See how we can help you in finding the perfect addition to your team.