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4 Ways to Have a Better Employee Experience without Breaking the Bank

Creating a positive work environment is key to having loyal and hard-working employees. There are a number of ways employers can help improve employee experience without breaking the bank. Here are a few things employers and managers can do for their employees to better their experience at work.  

Offer Flexibility  

One of the best ways an employer can offer a better employee experience is by offering flexibility to their staff. This allows them to achieve a better work-life balance, which helps improve morale and productivity across the board. You can go about providing flexibility to your employees in a number of ways.  

Consider offering your team flexible work hours or optional office days. Giving them more control over their schedule lets them take care of personal matters and feel more balanced. For example, offering an altered work schedule for a parent may allow them to pick their kids up after school, saving them the cost of daycare. You can also offer remote work to your team if your business allows for it. Giving them the opportunity to work from home can also help improve their feeling of balance within their position and improve productivity.  


Recognize Your Team’s Efforts  

No matter how big or small your employees’ efforts are, it is important to recognize when they do a good job. A simple “thank you” can go a long way. Take the time to pull your employees to the side and thank them personally. You may also consider mailing a handwritten note. These personal connections will help your staff feel more valued.  

Even if they have had a failure, it is important to recognize when an employee has given their all. Rewarding their effort will help them stay focused and continue to work towards success. Look for a way to recognize what they bring to your team and acknowledge those efforts personally.  


Treat Your Employees  

Look for ways you can treat your employees without going over budget. You may consider throwing a small party in the office. Request that your staff clear their schedules for a couple of hours one afternoon and have an appreciation event. You may even be able to give them the rest of the day off if it is feasible.  

Another great way you can treat your employees is by buying them lunch. Again, have them carve out at least two hours from their schedules so they can truly take a moment to enjoy the lunch and feel appreciated. If you want to acknowledge a single employee, you may want to make a reservation for them and a few close colleagues to enjoy a meal out.  


Feature Them in Company Materials  

Your company website and newsletter are seen by all your employees, customers, and oftentimes, other people in the industry as well. Recognizing employees who are doing well in these materials can provide a good boost for your staff. Feature them in an upcoming newsletter or in an employee spotlight on your site. Detail how their work has furthers your company’s goals. This will help make them feel appreciated.  

Another part of ensuring your employees have the best experience possible is putting together a team that works well together. Working with a staffing agency like GoSource can help you find the right employees to be a part of your staff. Contact us to see how we can assist your organization.