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Look for These 6 Soft Skills for Your Next Light Industrial Employee

When it comes to hiring a new employee, there are a number of things you need to search for. Of course, there are certain hard skills that are necessary for specific positions. You should also have a list of soft skills you are looking for in the ideal worker. The following soft skills are important to look for in your light industrial employees.   


Any time you are looking for a light industrial employee, you should look for someone who is dependable. When you have goals and deadlines you need to meet, it is extremely important to have a team that arrives on time and provides consistent work. Even one person arriving late or simply not showing up can harm your company’s productivity. In a light industrial setting, people’s positions and jobs are not interchangeable. If you hire one employee that is not dependable, it could have an impact on your entire team.   


Problem Solving 

Being a problem solver is another good trait to look for in an industrial employee. Everyone knows things don’t always go as planned, so having someone on your team that can think quickly on their feet and comes up with a solution is a fantastic asset to have.   



Look for someone who is also conscious about safety in the workplace. Light industrial workers often have to use some equipment on the job. If not used correctly, the machinery can be dangerous. Not following the safety precautions put in place could lead to a serious injury. So, it is important to have team members on your staff that take these rules seriously.   


Good Communication Skills 

No matter what job you are doing, having good communication skills is a must. In an industrial setting, it can be key for your staff to communicate with one another about ongoing projects, deadlines, and issues. Having the skills to be able to effectively relay this information is a good thing to look for in a potential candidate.   

Team Player 

Oftentimes, your industrial employees will have to work with others to help meet your goals. In general, industrial workers will not last in a company if they aren’t comfortable working as a team. Each person’s contribution will play a key role in the organization’s success. Be sure to look for this soft skill in your next employee.   

Conflict Resolution

Every workplace has some type of conflict arise at some point. Your staff isn’t always going to see eye-to-eye on everything, even if they do typically work well together. Making sure your team has good conflict resolution skills will make these issues less of a problem. This will enable them to find a solution that is agreeable to everyone.   

Finding the right industrial workers for your team is no easy task. When it comes to sourcing, vetting, and hiring someone new, working with a staffing agency can be extremely helpful. The team of professionals at GoSource puts effort into finding the perfect fit for your company in a timely manner. See how we can assist your organization.