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Staff Up for Spring with These 7 Tips  

Piecing together the right team for your company’s needs can be a challenge. You want to source qualified candidates while also finding individuals who will fit into your company culture well. Below are several tips for managers to find quality talent this spring.   

Write a Good Job Description  

Everything starts with the job description you post when a new position becomes available. Find a way to express the importance of the position and give the applicant a good feel of what your company culture is like. You can do this by being descriptive and giving them a good idea of what it is like to work there. Some employers pose questions within the job listing to keep applicants engaged. Be sure to include information about the position expectations, benefits, location, and salary as well.   


Use Your Company Website to Update Listings  

Many job seekers will check your company’s website for job listings, especially if they are interested in your business or businesses like yours. Create a page on your site that serves as a job board and makes it easily accessible. Some employers do this by adding a “Jobs” tab to the top of their website for potential candidates to visit.   


Promote via Social Media  

Beyond your company website, you should also utilize social media to reach potential applicants. The best sites for this type of promotion are LinkedIn and Facebook. Encourage the people who follow you to share job postings within their own network. You can also run advertising to your job posts to better target your audience.  


Create Relationships With Local Colleges  

Another good idea to implement during the spring is connecting with local universities and colleges. Many students will be graduating this spring and looking for work. The college may have job fairs where employers are welcome to set up a table or a job posting section on their student portal. This can be a great way to reach fresh new hires.   


Implement an Employee Referral Program   

Employee referral programs can be another great way to source candidates for a position. Typically, your employees will be connected with other people in the industry. On top of being connected to a talent pool you may have not already tapped into, they also already have a good idea of what you are looking for. Not to mention, employee referral programs can help improve retention rates as well.   


Consider Customer Referrals   

Similarly, asking your customer base for referrals isn’t a bad idea either. You can do this through email like you would send out the latest promotion. Instead, send out information about your newest job listings and ask your customers to consider sharing it with their network. Your customers are already familiar with your brand, so they will have a good idea of someone who might fit in well.   


Get Professional Help  

Working with a staffing agency can help you find the right staff for your company in an efficient manner. Generally, they are already plugged into a talent pool within your industry. This means they may already have a connection with candidates who are a good fit. Additionally, they vet each of the applicants themselves before sending them on to you.   

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