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How to Reassess Your Warehouse Culture to Improve Productivity

Improve Your Warehouse Productivity Starting with Company Culture

There are a plethora of things that impact productivity in the workplace. Everything from seasonal changes to company culture can affect your staff. Below are several things managers can do to benefit the company culture and improve productivity.

Make Sure Your Warehouse is Organized

An unorganized warehouse can lead to lost productivity and low morale in the workplace. When you properly plan and organize your workspace, it has been proven to help increase overall productivity. Not to mention, organization will help save time and effort. When things are where they are supposed to be, in an accessible place, it makes things go more smoothly.

Some time organizing your warehouse may mean moving things around so they are at the right height. You should also have things properly labeled and color-coded. It may be a good idea to rethink your floor plan as well if it makes sense from an organizational standpoint.

Create a Safe Work Environment

Safety in the workplace is always important and doubly so in a warehouse setting. There are typically more hazards, and ways employees could potentially get hurt. Because of this, it is important to put safety first. Display safety reminders around the warehouse to ensure everyone is aware of the policies put in place. You should also have regular meetings reviewing safety protocols, especially if they are being violated.

Outside of posted policies, the warehouse itself should be held to a safety standard. For example, floors should be clear of wires or things you may trip on. Areas that may become wet should be well marked, and so on. Organization also plays a role in keeping your warehouse safe.
Doing these things will help improve productivity in a few ways. First and foremost, employees will see the organization they work for cares about their safety. It will also decrease the number of workplace accidents that occur.

Show Them Your Appreciation

Productivity will always increase in a company where employees feel appreciated. Recognize when your employees do a good job and reward them when you can. In some cases, this can be as little as ordering a pizza for the warehouse one Friday to show your appreciation for a good production week.

You should also give each person in the organization insight into how their job impacts the bottom line. When each member of the staff knows how their job contributes to the big picture, they will feel more motivated in their daily tasks.

Enlist the Help of Part-Time and Contract Workers

The team you have will have a huge impact on your overall productivity, especially if you are understaffed. Often times, warehouse employees can be overworked and clock in over-time hours regularly. You should provide time off for your full-time workers and have staff on standby for when you might need their help. This will keep productivity up while helping your full-time team maintain a healthy work-life balance.

We Can Help You with Your Warehouse Productivity

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