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6 Ways to Use Video to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Video is a Great Way to Improve Your Hiring Process. Learn More Below:

The addition of video can help you better engage the potential candidates you are searching for. Because of the rise in popularity of video communication, many companies are searching for ways to use it in their current day-to-day activities. Below are a few different ways you can use video and video technology to improve your recruitment and hiring process.

1. Use Videos to Showcase Your Brand

If you have a career site or career page on your company website, use video to showcase your brand as a whole. This way, when prospective employees visit your site, they can get a feel for your employer brand and whether or not they’d fit in within the company culture. Some good ways to showcase your employer brand through video are by providing testimonials, looking at day-to-day life in the workplace, and maybe some attractive shots of the office.

2. Add Them to Job Postings

You may also consider embedding your video into job postings to provide potential candidates with more insight into the position and your business. This is the perfect place to place a look at day-to-day life in the office video that shows the daily responsibilities of the job at hand. The video should also compel the individual to apply if they feel they are a good fit. Additionally, job postings that include video content have better SEO quality and, therefore, are more likely to show up in a candidate’s search.

3. Interview Remote Candidates

Even if you aren’t hiring remote workers, sometimes your ideal candidate may be long-distance and need to relocate. It is not usually cost-effective to pay for travel expenses for the first interview. Using video for this makes recruiting a lot easier and will open you up to even more potential applicants.

4. Share Videos Across Social Media

If you aren’t using social media for recruiting new hires yet, you will be soon. Many companies are turning to social media to source new candidates, and it can be a great way to showcase what you have to offer. Even better, using video on social media will help increase your engagement and visibility. People within your industry will share your video content with others, instantly expanding your talent community.

5. Find Ways to Continue the Use of Video Post-Hire

You can continue to use video beyond the recruitment process as well. Create training videos to help get your new team member up to speed. You can also create videos to refresh your current staff and be sure everyone is using the correct techniques.

6. Use Video Communication With Your Talent

If you already have a talent community at your fingertips who have expressed interest in your brand, you can use video to communicate with them about new opportunities. When a position opens up within your company, send an email blast out to the relevant candidates with a video providing an overview of the position.

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