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The Importance of Having Staff on Standby

Here’s Why You Want to Make Sure You Have Employees on Standby

Having staff on standby probably wasn’t something many business owners were concerned with before the pandemic. COVID-19 has shown us that it’s important to always have a backup plan for just about everything. For business owners in the manufacturing industry, it’s become even more important to have employees on standby if possible. Here are a few reasons why having staff on standby could be of crucial importance to your organization.

Emergencies Happen

When it comes down to it, emergencies can happen, and you may find yourself with gaps in your staff. Even though emergencies are often unexpected, you can plan ahead to be able to continue working on active projects. Having access to a group of qualified workers will provide you will a fallback plan if an emergency arises with your staff.

Unplanned Absences

On top of that, it has become more important to have some additional staff on standby because COVID-19 is still at large. This means that there is still a chance of unplanned absences among your full-time team if they or someone in their home falls ill. If they test positive for COVID, your employee may even have to quarantine for two weeks or longer. When someone on your team is out, you will need a qualified individual to take their place while they are gone. Having an already vetted go-to set of people for those needs makes things easier.

Schedule Changes

COVID changed a lot of things for workers with children. Many parents are now faced with home-schooling their kids and may have more responsibilities at home than before. You can offer some flexibility in their schedules by having some staff on standby. This makes your team feel more valued because you are placing importance on their personal needs. Like unplanned absences, having someone on standby to take their place while they are out is key to maintaining production.

Skills Gaps

Another great reason to have some additional workers on hand is to add missing skills to your full-time team. Sometimes you may discover your team doesn’t have all the skills necessary to complete the job at hand. When it is a time-sensitive project, there is no time for recruiting new hires, vetting them, and training them. Instead, having a go-to group of standby workers can give you somewhere to go looking for the skills in which your team lacks.

Last Minute Needs

Any time there are last-minute needs having staff on standby can offer you peace-of-mind. For example, if you are in the middle of a project and realize you need something done right away, your team may be busy with their current tasks. If the task-at-hand doesn’t require specific training, you can pull in an outside worker to take care of it without distracting your team from the bigger picture.

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