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Workplace Diversity: An Overlooked Opportunity for Lasting Change

Workplace Diversity Leads to Long-Lasting Positive Changes

Diversity in the workplace is an opportunity for companies to have long-lasting positive changes. It provides room for growth and insight beyond what you have now. Here are a few things you can do to ensure workplace diversity in your organization.

Remote and Flex Work Schedules

Offering flexibility in your scheduling can help you find more diverse candidates. Being open to remote workers will allow you to interview top talent outside your area. It can also help provide you with insight from someone from a different location and background. This will also open up applications from a more diverse group of people such as individuals with disabilities, caregivers, and younger workers. Additionally, being open to remote workers can help improve productivity in your organization overall.

Make Diversity Part of Your Goals

When you look at your recruitment goals for the year, make diversifying your staff an important part of the puzzle. Taking the time to set specific objectives when it comes to hiring can make a world of difference. You should also determine how success will be measured with the goals in mind. For example, if you want to hire more young employees in your organization, set a goal for exactly how many people you want to add and to which departments.

Share Progress on Your Diversity Goals

Provide the metrics for diversity that you are aiming for with your leadership team. They can assist you in monitoring progress in the recruitment strategy. You can then share updated information with your team on a quarterly or regular basis.

Continue to Listen to Your Employees

One of the more important things you can do to help improve workplace diversity is continuing to request feedback from your employees. Because they work within your organization day-to-day, they can provide some more thoughtful insight. Ask some of your more diverse employees what their hiring process has been like and what they are looking for in an employer and role within the company. Find out what drove them to want to work with you to begin with.

You should also inquire about what might cause them to leave a business as well. Ask how staff members might be offensive to more diverse candidates. This information can help you outline new workplace policies to help encourage more diverse individuals to join your team.

Improve Your Sourcing

One of the best ways to improve workplace diversity is through your job postings themselves. Everything from the language you use to the required skills will impact who feels comfortable applying for the job. Be sure you use verbiage that targets the demographic you are most interested in and then focus on promoting the position in places where your demographic is located. For instance, many companies have begun to post jobs on social media and career sites to reach younger people. Introducing blind screening to your hiring process can help diversity as well. You can block certain information from the individual screening resumes, reducing bias.

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