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6 Ways You Can Help Your Employees Climb the Ladder in the Manufacturing Industry

Help Your Employees Advanced Their Careers with These Tactics

There are things, as an employer, you can do to invest in the future of your employees. One of them is showing interest in their desire to climb up the ladder in the industry. Here are several things manufacturing managers can do to help their employees move up in the company and achieve their career goals.

1. Virtual Training and Learning Opportunities

Offering training and learning opportunities for your employees can help inspire career growth. You should encourage your team to seek these opportunities out. In the current climate, most of these events and training sessions will be virtual. Find a way to share these resources with your team. Be sure they have flexibility in their schedules to be able to attend as well.

It is also a good idea to stay plugged into the industry as a whole and know what your employees need to be successful. If there are big changes happening, be sure they have the time to relearn and brush up on skills.

2. Job Shadowing and Mentoring

Another thing to encourage among your employees for career growth is job shadowing and mentoring. You can establish a formal mentoring program within the company that helps promote professional growth. Not only do younger employees get advice from a more seasoned worker, but they can offer your older employees new insights and ideas. Job shadowing can also be a useful tool for onboarding remote workers.

3. Rotate Employees

Rotating your staff can be another good way to help them climb the ladder in the manufacturing industry. The more jobs and tasks they know how to do, the more marketable they become in the industry at large. While your employees are gaining new skills, you will also be creating a more well-rounded organization, so it is a win-win.

4. Support Balance

Express your support for work-life balance, and be sure your policies reflect your support. Of course, working hard is key for advancement in any role, but endlessly working will lead to burn out for anyone. Offer your team time off and flexible scheduling to help this balance. This can even include giving them time to participate in professional growth activities.

5. Show Employees How They Are Valued

Employees perform better in the workplace when they know how their job contributes to the big picture within the organization. You should provide feedback on how their day-to-day work impacts the company as a whole. When you provide updates to your team about progress, you should also highlight specific employees’ efforts and how they have helped. This can help motivate your staff to expand their own responsibilities in the workplace.

6. Create a Program for Succession

For employees who have high potential, a succession program can show them that you want to invest in them both as an employee and a leader within the organization. Additionally, it will help motivate them to learn new skills for the eventual promotion. There should be a succession plan in process for all of the key roles within your company.

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