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Here are the Manufacturing Trends to Expect Throughout 2021

There is no doubt the industry is constantly changing, no matter what field you are working in. Technology, workplace culture, and employees’ desires have changed in a big way in the last year. That isn’t likely to change. These are the upcoming trends that are predicted for the light industrial and manufacturing industries in the next 5 years and how they might impact your business.

Increased Technology Needs

There will undoubtedly be a huge increase in technology needs in the industrial workspace. Some of the changes will be to software and programming to help companies collect more data. There has been a renewed interest in the internet of things (IoT). Because of this, manufacturers will be able to better understand data and, therefore, better understand their business. However, the IoT is bringing a lot of other changes as well.

Predictive maintenance programs can be used to help identify problems before they happen. This decreases the amount of down-time there is on the job and increases overall productivity. ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems help track all of this productivity information in real-time. There will be a need for individuals who know how to read these programs, though, so there will be a slight shift in manufacturing hiring needs.
Additionally, light industrial manufacturing employees and employers will see a rise in the need for virtual and augmented reality in the workplace. Touchless service models are beginning to make their way to manufacturer floors. There will also be an increase in the demand for 3D printing services. It is likely some manufacturers will shift their focus to this direction over the next five years. Like predictive maintenance programs, manufacturers will need to prepare for these changes by searching for the right talent to add to their team.

Emphasis on Employee Safety

As with many industries, employee safety will rise in importance over the next few years. The pandemic made many people want to take better care of their health and establish a better work-life balance. Employers should depict that they want the same for their employees. Be sure you go over any safety protocols your team must be aware of and discuss why workplace safety is important. This will show your team that you place value in their overall well-being.

Some Manufacturers Will Shift Focus to B2C

Many manufacturing companies work with B2B, or business-to-business, products. There will be a shift in focus to consumer products over the next five years. Many manufacturing companies will likely alter what they make completely to meet new consumer demand rather than business demand.

The Job Market is Still Uncertain

All things considered, the job market will still be uncertain for some time. This is something employers must keep in mind when sourcing new employees and deciding at what capacity to hire them.

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