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Help Your Team Set SMART Goals in 2021

Learn How You Can Lead Your Team to Success This Year

The end of the year brings talk of change and new beginnings. For business owners, now is a great time to meet with the individuals on your team to help them meet their goals.

What Are SMART Goals?
SMART goals refer to an acronym for a method to set realistic, reachable goals. Each letter stands for the following:
– Specific
– Measurable
– Achievable
– Relevant
– Time-Bound

When you are planning projects and setting goals for your team in the workplace, being sure each of these SMART points is met is key. Below are a few things you can do to help your team set (and reach) their SMART goals in 2021.

Know What You What The Team to Achieve
Before asking your teams to set annual goals or set company goals, know what you want to achieve, and communicate it. Be specific with your language and tell them what you hope to accomplish over the year to come. For instance, if you hope to expand a certain department, be specific in what aspect. In a production setting, you may want to set number goals for your team or quality control goals. Whatever it may be, know what it is you want them to achieve.

Set Small Goals
Don’t overwhelm your team by setting large-scale company-wide goals. Instead, ask your teams to set goals at a smaller level. See what goals the staff that works together on a daily basis comes up with. Include some of these in your larger business plan. It is important to encourage employees to have individual goals within the workplace as well. Assist your employees and team members in reaching their goals if it can be a team activity. This can help improve employee morale and increase the likelihood that your goals will be met.
Have Solid Deadlines

The “T” in SMART goals stands for “time-bound.” It is important to set deadlines and solid dates for goals to be met. Without a set date or deadline in mind, it is often hard for your team to visualize the end goal. Deadlines will also help your team develop accountability, making the goals you set more meaningful.

Track Your Progress
Tracking the progress of your goals lets your team know you are paying attention to their efforts. This will make them feel appreciated and help keep them motivated in their work. Have a mutual project management board the entire team can view so you can all see the progress as it is happening. You may also consider tracking and graphing progress on a quarterly basis for your team.

It is also important to check-in with your team on a regular basis. As they get started on their projects, is the work doable? Do they feel the goals are still reachable? Be sure to ask these questions so you are not overworking or over-stressing your employees.

Continuing Learning
As a business owner, you should never stop learning. When it comes to setting goals, remember that not all of the deadlines, goals, or plans you set will be met. Learn from the mistakes you made, and be sure not to repeat them during the next project. Be sure that your team knows it is okay to fail, too, but educate them on what could have been done better.

Make Sure You Have The Right Staff
Working with a staffing firm can help you reach your goals by selecting the right people to be on your professional team. Schedule a consultation with GoSource to see how we can help your team reach their goals next year.